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1 million new users in the last 24 hours to the BiP application

In the instant messaging application BİP, 1 million 124 thousand new users have opened an account in the last 24 hours.
The BiP application developed by Turkish engineers announced that it gained 1 million 124 thousand new users in the last 24 hours.

It announced that the number of users of BiP, an instant messaging application open to all operator users, has increased by 1 million 124 thousand people in the last 24 hours.


In a written statement from the BIP, “all data on the beep is protected by encryption in high-security data centers, Turkcell in Turkey. The BiP application, which has been downloaded over 53 million worldwide, is developing with new features added every day. BiP offers uninterrupted communication from both computers and mobile devices with its messaging, voice and video calling features. BiP, which also provides HD quality voice and video calls, also includes different features such as Night Mode and Personalized Menu. BiP’s distinctive abilities are not limited to these. Thanks to the disappearing message capability specific to BiP, the messages sent appear on the chat screen of the follower during the selected period and are automatically deleted after the specified time ”.


In the continuation of the statement, “ In addition to all these advanced features, the Emergency feature of the BiP application allows its users to share their status information and location with a single button, both via BiP message and SMS. Translation feature allows you to chat in 106 different languages during instant messaging. Offering informative and entertaining content to its users through various channels in the Discover section, BiP has also opened a Coronavirus Information and Consultation Channel in cooperation with the Ministry of Health. It was stated that BiP users can perform coronavirus tests on this channel without operator discrimination and can access ALO 184 Ministry of Health Contact Center Information Line free of charge when necessary.

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