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15 effective ways to increase visitors to a website or blog

In this article you will know theincrease visitors to a website or blog.How to increase blog visitors? 15 effective ways to increase visitors to a blog or website. Here are 15 effective ways to bring organic traffic to your blog. 15 effective ways to increase visitors to a website or blog .  First of all, find out about the website visitors.

What is a visitor?

The most important thing about blogging is to bring in visitors. This means that the posts you write should be read by people. What you write will be read by as many people as possible and if you can do some posts that are searched on Google, your blogging will be a good income. Basically visitors are increased to increase revenue. Many people don’t know how to bring visitors, so if they have AdSense, they limit it. Adsense is not an organic or unique visitor. Bringing more readers is called increasing the number of visitors. And in the blog, the readers are mainly considered as visitors.

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What is the need to increase visitors?

In fact, there is a difference between those who do professional blogging and those who do personal blogging. There are many people in our country who earn 20 to 30 thousand rupees a month by blogging regularly . If you think of sites like Prothom Alo, you will see how their monthly income is. I think they make twice as much money from online websites as they do from selling physical magazines . Because it takes people to sell physical paper and it takes paper which requires a lot of money for printing and printing. But you can read an article online not only to the people of Bangladesh but also to the people of the whole world with an article.

This means that anyone who works to increase the number of visitors to the blog or their website, you will understand that he is trying to increase the professional and income. Because the main thing to increase the visitors of the blog is to increase the income. And there is no alternative but to increase the visitors to increase the income. Visitors to blogs or web sites are increased in different ways. In today’s article I will try to tell and discuss 15 effective ways. I hope you understand the whole article.

(1) Writing unique articles

The most effective way to increase visitors to a blog or website is to write unique content or articles. The more new articles you write, the more visitors will come to your site if they search and find only your writing. Suppose I’m talking about my site. If you do a Google search for the domain name of my site, my site will come first because the domain is unique and if you write an article about it, my site will come first. This is normal. Writing such a unique article will definitely increase the number of visitors to your blog or website. If you can write articles that people need nowadays, it will be much easier for your site to get visitors.

If you copy what others have written, you will not get too many visitors. Google wants new words and Google indexes new words much faster. If you write about what is written, visitors will get a lot of writing and those who have more information will write more. So if you can write a unique article, you will definitely get a lot more visitors. And for organic visitors you need to work with good quality keywords. By doing keyword research, you can find unique articles and write about them.

(2) Using premium themes

To make it easier to understand, when you download a theme, you will see that the free theme does not have any features. And the premium theme has some features that are good for your website . Again, since premium themes are user-usable, you can definitely use this premium theme for your website. Many times free themes have a lot more code which takes a lot more time to load. And if you use a premium theme, you will get some more benefits including loading in less time.

Many people are currently working on the website professionally and the most effective and best way for those who are working professionally is to use a premium theme. If the owner of a premium theme updates, your theme will also get auto update which is much better for your theme. Many times Google evaluates premium theme articles more than free themes. Suppose you write an article with the same niche, the same kind of words or two thousand words in both and one theme is premium and the other is free, then tell me which one will be on top The answer is the simple premium theme article will be above all because it is a paid theme so it will load very fast and if you search it will show the visitors first.

(3) Writing articles with more words

(4) Adding interesting pictures to the content

(5) Do SEO or search engine optimization

(6) Using good quality paid themes

(7) Reply to the comment very quickly

(8) Adding links is more

(9) Use of social media

(10) Commenting on other people’s posts is especially niche related

(11) To publish regular articles

(12) Choosing the right keyword

Keywords are very important for increasing the number of visitors. Suppose now everyone wants to make money online and you write an article about it by referring to some very good site links or some groups. Members or visitors will benefit from reading the information that is given in it and if you can work with such keywords, it will be of great benefit to you. So the main point of this point is that even if you write less articles, choose keywords that make people read it.

The right keywords often lead to a lot of traffic that is organic. There are various keyword research tools you can use if you wish to increase your website visitors.

(13) Authority or increase of authority

There is no option to increase the authority to stay active. Because if a group has an admin and a moderator, it is harmful for the members of that group. Because an admin will not understand the advantages and disadvantages of all members. And if you have a lot of members, maybe you can share the work. I have also seen some very good groups where time is shared throughout the day. Suppose a person who comments or posts from morning to noon approves their post or replies to the comment.

In this case you have to increase the authority to increase the ACV. Many times the authority understands the benefits of the group and they give more importance to the group than other groups. Of course, the importance of the group must be explained to the members of the group. This will benefit the group. If you write an article like that, if someone comments on it, you must try to answer it. And in that case if there is more admin or more authority, it will be an advantage.

(14) By answering groups or questions

Many times newcomers comment on different topics. In case of replying to their comments, you can also increase the visitors with that related link of your site. For example, how to increase the number of visitors in blogging? If I ask such a question, if I write this article, the visitor will come and read the whole article for his own knowledge. And he will want to read such articles again and again, so your blog visitor will also come by answering some such questions.

(15) Check bounce rate regularly

First of all you need to know what is the bounce rate? Bounce rate is a percentage of how many visitors enter your site and read the article. For example, if 50 out of 100 visitors enter your website or blog without visiting any page, then your bounce rate will be 50% and if 40 out of 100 people do so, your bounce rate will be 40%. There should be content or articles on the website to keep the visitors in mind because you or the article writer has to do the job of capturing the visitors. A good quality article writer checks all these things all the time and the visitor actually makes sure that Cess stays on that site for quite some time and reads the articles.

What is the best bounce rate?

I’m taking a look at the bounce rate as a survey. This will help you to understand about the bounce rate. E.g.,

(A) Good bounce rate = 30%

(B) Very well caught = 40% to 55%

(C) Moderately good = 55% to 60%

(D) Slightly worse = 70% to 80%

(E) Too bad and harmful to the site = 80% to 95%

Hope you understand the bounce rate. It is also very important to check. Regularly bring visitors by following the above method but if there is no benefit in it, it will be bad for your site. And unique visitors must actually have some time on your site.

In the end, I would say arrange a lot of words on the website so that more visitors will come. Because visitors need words they want to read and learn so add more words for them. Many thanks for taking the time to read this article.

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