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15 tips for laptop care for laptop user

Expert advice to take care of laptops as part of our daily life.In this article 15 TIPS ON LAPTOP CARE..

1) Keep any liquid away from your laptop. Accidents can happen very easily while drinking coffee, soda, water or any other liquid near your laptop.

2) Antivirus software is the best defense against viruses. Even if you know what you download, it may contain a virus. The virus can also reduce the functioning and efficiency of the system.

3) Keep food away from your laptop. Do not eat on top of your laptop, the circuit may be damaged. Worst of all, the laptop will look dirty.

4) Do not use your computer where your pet is. Their hair and hair can be damaged by getting inside.

5) The place where the computer will be clean.

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6) Keep your hands clean while using your laptop. Clean hands make it easier to use your laptop touchpad.

6) Do not pull the power cord. Do not pull your chair over the computer cord.

6) Be sure to plug the accessory devices into their proper slots.

9) Use an old toothbrush to clean the area around the screen.

10) Do not use your laptop in bed. Since heat is generated, use it on a solid surface and even if you use it privately, make sure that the bed dust does not come close.

11) When the work is done, do not always put it in snooze, slip, stand by mode. Will save battery life.

12) To avoid outside dust, keep the laptop bag full after work. Do not keep outside.

13) Before leaving with the laptop CD, DVD out of the drive.

14) Laptop screen is very sensitive so do not touch with pen or anything. Clean with Proper Solution and a soft cloth.      

15) Do not place the laptop next to something that generates heat.


CREDIT-Prithviraj Basak

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