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5 ways to prevent diabetes.What can be done to prevent it?

In this article discuss about 5 ways to prevent diabetes.One person in every seven seconds in the world, including Bangladesh, is suffering from diabetes. According to a survey by the National Population Research and Training Institute (NIPORT), the total number of people with diabetes in Bangladesh is 11 million. Of these, 26 lakh are between 18 and 34 years of age and 64 lakh are above 35 years of age.

In such a context, the health workers of this sector are celebrating the anniversary of the establishment of the Diabetes Association in Bangladesh as Diabetes Awareness Day.

This association was established on 26th February 1956. At present, there are more than 4.5 million diabetic workers registered in the hospitals and health centers of this association.
Health officials say that by 2045, the number of diabetic patients in Bangladesh will be one and a half crore.

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What can be done to prevent it

Bangladesh Diabetic Association President. AK Azad Khan says, ‘Diabetes is mainly type-one and type-2, we divide it into two types. In our country, 95 percent of the patients are of type-2 type. Type-one is those whose body does not produce insulin at all. They have to rely on insulin or drugs altogether. That is why diabetes should always be controlled with the advice of a doctor. However, in case of type-2, it is possible to prevent or delay diabetes in 80 percent of the cases if precaution is taken.

1. Walk one hour every day

Dr. Azad Khan says, in urban life, our tendency to do physical work and walk has decreased a lot. We have become accustomed to working on computer or mobile. But those whose parents or family members have diabetes are more likely to be genetically predisposed to diabetes. As a result, if they start walking and exercising regularly before they are infected, they will be able to protect themselves from diabetes in most cases.

He says that for this you have to walk at least one hour every day according to the rules. Besides, regular exercise habits should be developed. Sports can be enhanced.

Umme Kulsum, a resident of Dhaka, has been walking regularly with her mother since her parents were diagnosed with diabetes. Although her other two sisters were later diagnosed with diabetes, she has not yet developed the disease. That is why he has given some suggestions.

2. Change your lifestyle

Doctors say that those who have a family or parent with a history of diabetes should change their lifestyle before they develop the disease.

Dr. AK Azad Khan says that in families where parents or grandparents have diabetes, the next generation members are also at higher risk of contracting the disease.

People with heart disease, high blood cholesterol and high blood pressure are also at risk of developing the disease. Children who are overweight, who have parents, siblings, grandparents or close relatives who have diabetes, who have had diabetes during their mother’s pregnancy, are at risk of developing diabetes.

As a result, they should change their lifestyle before they become infected. These changes include eating at regular intervals, waking up in the morning and going to bed at night, reducing the use of vehicles, increasing walking, avoiding sugary, fast food and oily foods.

3. Quit smoking and drinking

Not only diabetes, but many other diseases can be caused by smoking and drinking habits. Doctors say that smoking and drinking habits are among the bad habits that should be eliminated first to prevent diabetes. Because these increase the chances of developing diabetes.

4. Avoid sweets

Bangladesh Diabetic Association President. AK Azad Khan says that obesity or obesity also increases the risk of developing diabetes. Common sweet national and heavy foods greatly increase the risk of obesity. As a result, body weight should be monitored so that there is no excess weight or obesity.

Healthy foods include vegetables, fruits, beans and whole grain cereals. It is also good to eat healthy oils and nuts.

One day you need to eat little by little without breaking your stomach. In addition, you have to measure your weight regularly every week. This should be followed by making a list of foods in consultation with nutritionists to ensure adequate nutrition and food for the body. As a result, on the one hand, health will be fine, as well as weight will be under control.

5. Keep an eye on blood sugar levels

Mohammad Saifuddin, secretary general of the Diabetic Association of Bangladesh, says those at risk must be tested for diabetes once a year. You don’t always have to go to the hospital for this. Now many pharmacies can test for diabetes quickly at low cost. If diabetes is diagnosed there, you must consult a specialist.

Close relatives of children who have a history of diabetes should also be tested at least once a year. In addition, at least once a year to check the lipid profile and blood cholesterol levels.

Be careful when you see all the symptoms

# Hourly urine and thirsty
# weak love, and thick dark coloring of the
# appetite increases
# time to eat and drink if you do not lower blood sugar haipo the
# sweet tooth attraction increases
# No reason many weight loss
# body wounds or minor injury, but it did not take long for the rest of
# skin dry, scaly and itchy feeling
# irritation and becoming irritable mood
# eyes will begin to see less

5 ways to prevent diabetes.5 ways to prevent diabetes.5 ways to prevent diabetes

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