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Caution in tooth extraction and know before tooth extraction

With the improvement in the medical system, the reasons for tooth extraction are also decreasing.

Because, if you take timely treatment for various diseases, there is no need to lose your teeth.

Even then the patient often has to brush his teeth because there is no way to save.In this blog we know Caution in tooth extraction.


Reasons to lose teeth

1.Wisdom Teeth: The last teeth in the gums are called Wisdom Tooth or Wisdom Teeth because they grow relatively late.

In most cases, the gums become hard and the tooth becomes crooked, causing inflammation in the area of ​​the tooth.

Large holes appear in the gums, often the side teeth are also damaged.

Most of the time it is decided to remove these teeth due to positional reasons.

2.Damaged tooth tissue: Each tooth is firmly attached to the jaw bone and gums.

Chronic gum disease or dental infections, accidents, excessive use of toothpicks or metal sticks instead of dental floss, calcium deficiency and bone loss, autoimmune diseases or any other reason

to weaken the base of the tooth and move it excessively.

3.Root canal treatment not completed: Root canal treatment is required if the inner marrow of the tooth is infected.

However, some people do not complete the treatment when the pain subsides after this treatment.

This can break the tooth in such a way that there is no way to save it.

4.Orthodontic treatment: Treatment of crooked or random teeth Orthodontic treatment is now popular and safe.

5.Negligence: Not taking treatment despite having a toothache for a long time or taking medicine without the advice of a doctor can lead to gradual breakage of teeth and major damage.

In this case, it is difficult to preserve the teeth.

Other: Teeth should be removed if there is a tumor, cancer or broken jaw near the tooth, or if the root of the tooth is damaged in an accident.

What to do before tooth extraction

Tell your doctor about everything else such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, shortness of breath, anemia, anemia, liver or kidney problems, allergies, experience of side effects of any medication, pregnancy, whether you have had any surgery before, etc.

Inform if you are taking drugs like aspirin, steroids etc.

If the issues are not clear, anesthesia and tooth extraction can lead to major complications.

These include excessive bleeding, fainting, high blood pressure, allergies, and wound healing.

If blood pressure or blood sugar is out of control, these need to be brought under control first.

What to do after tooth extraction

Know the name, duration, dosage or dose of the medicine according to the doctor’s prescription and follow it correctly.

If the medicine is not taken properly, the opposite can happen.

  • After removing the teeth, gauze or cotton should be kept for one hour or as directed.
  • It is better not to eat hot and hard food for the first six hours.
  • After 24 hours, it can be cooled by mixing salt in warm water.
  • Any need or abnormality should seek medical advice immediately.

I think you know know Caution in tooth extraction.

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