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Child Labour in world

All over the world, children are being abused through child labour. It is often defined as a form of world crime where children are involved in work on an awfully young age and perform duties like grown-ups. It directly deprives children of their childhood, proper literacy, social, mental and physical well being. Instead of going to school and passing childhood with joy, many children are compelled to work for their family and livelihood. It’s a universal problem nowadays which ruining the long run of the youngsters vastly. In some countries, this practice is totally forbidden. Within the words, poorer countries, around one-fourth children are immersed in child labour which is alarming for those countries. Though every country has rules for child labour, these rules aren’t strictly maintained. Many children aged 5-15 from Poorer families involved in child worker mostly all over the world. This children mainly worked in agriculture, factories, home-based assembly operation, mining, and services lasting 8 hours or more which is incredibly much harmful to their physical and mental state.

child labour in world

Cause of child labour:          

 Child labour is a common phenomenon in most of the poor, developing and developed countries. Several reasons are liable for this issue.

  • Lack of social insurance, hunger and poverty are the basic reason for child worker. Children are forced to undertake child labour due to poverty and financial problem in their family.
  • Insufficient social control is an increasing percentage of child worker. Every country has laws against child labour but the general public within the countries don’t abide by the rules properly.
  • The greediness of men play part in child labour. The employers, on their part, prefer child labour against adults, taking advantage of the low-cost labour.
  • High level of unemployment.

Educational difficulty like poor quality of education, overcrowding, inability to support schooling(uniform, books school fees etc) could be a reason for child worker.


 Impacts of child labour:

    As child labour may be a global problem, it affects the social physical and mental development of kids. 

  •  They are at greater risk of malnourishment, several sorts of illness, and sometimes death. As they do not get proper nutrition in order that they are at higher risk of various diseases.
  • children who work are experience isolation and depression as they do not spend time with their family members or others with their own age. Every child has to build an awfully strong relationship with their family which makes them confident. Lackings of this kind of relationship they experience isolation and depression which affects their mental health.
  • Working can even affect a child’s social development. They spent their time doing labour rather than attending the school or playing with others. It takes the next risk to develop problematic social behaviour like drug addiction and plenty of social crimes

A probable solution to child labour:

Child Labour could be a crime. To shield the longer term of an Emerging nation we’d like to unravel this Global problem. there’s the need to follow certain effective ways to shield our world from this serious issue.

  • Government rules about child worker must be strictly maintained.
  • All the youngsters should be given first priority by their parents to require proper and regular education.
  • Increasing access to education.
  •  Improve the economic process of poor and developing countries.
  • Family control will benefit from controlling child worker by reducing the burden of childcare.
  • work opportunity must be improved for adults to beat this problem.

Child labour is not just about forcing children to work. Its Side Effects are quite large and gruesome which prevent there from proper growth and development. Children’s are the future of any country So we need to nurse them properly. They have full right to live their personal life with proper education. we will ensure their rights which helps them to survive this world peacefully and makes our world curse free.

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