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Corruption: A curse for a nation

Corruption refers to a sort of criminal activity or dishonesty. It refers to an evil act by a personal or a bunch. Especially notable, this act violates the rights and freedoms of others.

In addition, corruption mainly involves activities such as bribes or misuse of power.

However, this can happen in some ways . Most likely, people in positions of authority are liable to corruption. Corruption certainly reflects greedy and selfish behavior.

“Corruption may be a great evil of society. This evil should be quickly eliminated from society. It is that the poison that has penetrated the minds of the many individuals lately.”

Methods of Corruption

First of all, Bribery is that the most typical method of corruption. Bribery involves the improper use of favours and gifts in exchange for private gain. Furthermore, the kinds of favours are diverse.

Above all, the benefits include money , gifts, corporate shares, sexual benefits, jobs, entertainment and political benefits.

Also, personal gain are often – giving preferential treatment and overlooking crime.

Embezzlement refers to the act of withholding assets for the aim of theft. Furthermore, it takes place by one or more individuals who were entrusted with these assets. Above all, embezzlement may be a sort of financial fraud.

The graft may be a global sort of corruption. Most noteworthy, it refers to the illegal use of a politician’s authority for private gain.

Furthermore, a preferred way for the graft is misdirecting public funds for the advantage of politicians.

Extortion is another major method of corruption. It means to get property, money or services illegally.

Above all, this obtainment takes place by coercing individuals or organizations. Hence, extortion is sort of almost like blackmail.

Favouritism and nepotism is kind of an old style of corruption still in usage. This refers to an individual favouring one’s own relatives and friends to jobs. This is often certainly a really unfair practice. this is often because many deserving candidates fail to urge jobs.

Abuse of discretion is another method of corruption. Here, someone misuses one’s power and authority. An example is a judge unjustly dismissing a criminal’s case.

Finally, influence peddling is that the last method here. This refers to illegally using one’s influence with the govt or other authorized individuals. Furthermore, it takes place so as to get preferential treatment or favour.

Ways of Stopping Corruption

One important way of preventing corruption is to offer a far better salary during a government job. Many government employees receive pretty low salaries. Therefore, they resort to bribery to satisfy their expenses. So, government employees should receive higher salaries. Consequently, high salaries would scale back their motivation and resolve to interact in bribery.

Increasing the amount of workers are often another suitable way of curbing corruption. In many government offices, the workload is extremely high. This provides a chance to hamper the work by government employees. Consequently, these employees then enjoys bribery reciprocally for faster delivery of labor . Hence, this chance to bribe are often removed by bringing in additional employees in government offices.
Tough laws are vital for stopping this evil deed. Above all, strict punishments got to be administered to guilty individuals. Furthermore, there should be an efficient and quick implementation of strict laws.

Applying cameras in workplaces is a superb thinks to prevent corruption. Above all, many individuals would refrain from indulging in corruption thinks to fear of being caught. In addition, such people may otherwise have involved in this evil deed.

The government must confirm to stay inflation low, thanks to the increase in prices, many of us feel their incomes to be too low. Consequently, this increases corruption among the masses. Businessmen raise prices to sell their stock of products at higher prices. Furthermore, the politician supports them thanks to the advantages they receive.

To sum it up, corruption may be a great evil of society. This evil should be quickly eliminated from society. This is that the poison that has penetrated the minds of the many individuals lately.

Hopefully, with consistent political and social efforts, we will get obviate corruption.

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