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Cybercrime: The threat of our internet world

What is cybercrime?

Cybercrime is mainly a computer-oriented crime. Cybercrime is defined as a crime committed on the internet using a computer or any other technical devices. It involves a computer and a network. Cybercrime may threaten a person, company or national security and financial health. The person who involves in cybercrime is called cybercriminal. 

Why cybercrime occurs? 

Cybercrime appears for many reasons.

  • Most time cybercrime is occurred by the cybercriminals or hackers to make money.
  • Sometimes cybercrime aims to damage computer for reasons other than profit. This could be political or personal.
  • Sometimes cybercriminals are want to collect or steal information illegally like bank account number, thesis paper etc.



Classification of Cybercrime

Based on the topic of the crime, cybercrimes are classified into three wide groups:

Crimes against individuals – These are determined against individuals or their properties directly. Some examples are:

  • Email harassment
  • Cyber-stalking
  • Spreading crude material
  • Spreading illegal adult material
  • Unauthorized access or control over the pc system.

Improper exposure Spoofing via email Fraud and also cheating Further, crimes against individual property like computer vandalism and transmitting a virus constantly.

Crimes against organizations – this can be one amongst the foremost common styles of cybercrime today when an organisation’s online presence or any of its products are hacked, it becomes a significant issue for his or her company or organisation. Some samples of cybercrimes against organizations are:

  • Possessing unauthorized information
  • Cyber terrorism against a government organization.
  • Distributing pirated software
  • Data breaches
  • Cyber extortion
  • Warez distribution

Crimes against society

– Some samples of crimes against society are:

  • Polluting the youth through infraction.
  • Trafficking
  • Financial crimes
  • Selling illegal articles
  • Online Gambling Forgery 

Apart from those listed above, crimes like hacking, denial of service attacks, e-mail bombing, etc are present in cyberspace & those are expanding rapidly.

Cybercrime vs traditional crime

Cybercrimes are quite different from traditional crimes as they’re often harder to acknowledge, investigate and prosecute and since of that cybercrimes cause greater damage to society than traditional crimes. Cybercrime also includes traditional crimes conducted through the web or the other engineering promptly. as an example, hate crimes, fraud, terrorism, stalking and bullying are considered to be cybercrimes when traditional crimes are committed through the utilization of a computer and also the internet.
Another difference is within the description of the perpetrators of both forms of crimes. The hackers in cybercrime are professional criminals, educated hackers, organized criminal gangs, ideological hackers etc. as compared to traditional crimes. They use their brain rather than physical force.
The other difference between these two terms relies on the evidence of the offences. In traditional crimes, the criminals usually leave any proof of that crime like fingerprints or other physical proof. But in cybercrimes, cybercriminals commit their crimes through the web and there are very fewer chances of leaving any physical proof.
Further, these two terms are differentiated on the premise of the use of force. In traditional crimes many of the crimes like rape, murder, and burglary, kidnapping etc. involve the utilization of excessive physical force which ends up in physical injury on the victim. But in cybercrimes, there’s no requirement of any sort of physical force because during this sort of crimes the criminals only use the computer technologies.


 The impacts of one, a successful cyber attack can have far-reaching implications including economic losses, theft of property, and looses of consumer confidence and constantly. the general monetary impact of cybercrime on society and government is estimated to be a huge amount of dollars a year. Criminals profit from technology in many alternative ways. Cybercrime affects society in a very number of various ways, both online and offline.
Identity Theft: Becoming the sufferer of cybercrime can have long-lasting effects on life seriously. One common technique scammers employ is phishing, sending false emails purporting to come back from a bank or other institution requesting personal information. If one turn over this information, it can allow the criminal to access one’s bank and credit accounts, additionally as open new accounts and destroy credit rating.
SECURITY COSTS: Cybercriminals also focus their attacks on businesses, both large and little. Hackers may try to take over company servers to steal information or use the machines for his or her own purposes, requiring companies to rent staff and update the software to stay intruders out.

PIRACY: The cybercrime of piracy has had major effects on entertainment, music and software industries and so on. Claims of damages are hard to estimate and even harder to verify, with estimates ranging widely from many millions to many billions of dollars annually. In response, copyright holders have lobbied for stricter laws against holding theft, leading to laws just like the Digital Millennium Copyright Act. These laws allow copyright holders to focus on file sharers and sue them for giant sums of cash to counteract the financial damage of their activities online.

SOCIAL IMPACTS: Cybercrime can involve botnets, computer viruses, cyberbullying, cyberstalking cyber terrorism, cyber pornography, denial of service attacks, hacktivism, fraud, malware, and spam. enforcement officials have strived to stay pace with cybercriminals, who cost the world economy billions yearly.

How to Fight against Cybercrime

Cyber threats are a big deal. It seems like in the modern age of technology, hackers are taking over our systems and no one is safe properly. Most internet users are not dwelling on the fact that they may get hacked and many hardly change their credentials or update passwords. This leaves many people susceptible to cybercrime and it’s important to become informed. Proper education needs to prevent that you can take in order to protect yourself as a human being

  • Become vigilant when browsing websites.
  •  Flag and report suspicious emails.
  • Activate your email’s anti-spam blocking feature
  • Never click on unfamiliar links or ads.
  • Use a VPN whenever possible.
  • Encrypt your local hard disk
  • Ensure websites are safe before entering there.
  • Keep antivirus/application systems up to date.
  • Never tell anyone about your password of any social service.
  • Use strong passwords with 14+ characters.
  • Don’t share your private information anywhere without verifying the link.
  • Monitor your children’s online activities because local network breaches don’t come from your computer, but from your children’s tablets, phones or notebooks easily. Educate your children to prevent them from falling victim to cybercriminals by using the same tips we’ve shared with you.

Cybercrime is the deadest and probably the most complicated problem in the cyber world nowadays. It is vastly growing in the world of tech today. Criminals of the world wide web exploit Internet users personal information for their own gain frequently.  So we take proper knowledge about cybercrime and protect ourselves from it.

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