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Drug Addiction: The real threat for young generation

While modern civilization has become a marvelous possibility, a significant portion of the world’s young generation is addicted to a deadly drug – a drug addict or drug addiction. Where young people are the lifeblood of the country, this intoxication is spreading like wildfire all over the world today.


What is drug addiction?

Being addicted to different types of drugs is called drug addiction. These drugs particularly harm people and push people away from their normal lives to a horrible situation. Notable drugs are cannabis, phencidyl, yaba, cidaxine, cocaine, hashish, marijuana, etc. Addiction to these is intense and if someone becomes addicted he cannot keep himself free from it.


Status of drug addiction:

One of the problems that is pushing the youth towards destruction is drug addiction. This problem exists worldwide today. Its widespread spread through global drug abuse and smuggling poses a serious threat to future generations. As a result, many fresh lives are being lost and the bright future of many young people is being ruined.


Why young generation is addicted on drugs?

Our youth are most addicted to drugs. Notable among these are guilt, curiosity, family quarrels, loss of religious values.


Causes of drug abuses:

Multiple causes are involved with drug addiction. E.g.


  • Easy availability of drugs: Drugs have become easily available to everyone today. Drugs are now available anywhere in the world. And because of this availability, anyone can easily turn to drugs.
  • Fragile personality: Drug addicts are usually the ones who have less or less ability to cope with stress in their personality. So personality is a big factor in the causes of drug addiction.
  • Socio-economic reasons: Many people are attracted to drugs due to various social reasons, personal hope, despair, frustration, poverty, lack of knowledge, lack of entertainment.
  • Indifference towards the child in the busyness of the parents.
  • Family quarrels and divorce.
  • Choosing the wrong friend.
  • Failure in love.
  • Depreciation of values.
  • Excessive anxiety.
  • Unemployment



Bad affects of drug addiction:

  • Drug addiction causes premature death.
  • Wickedness increases in society.
  • Destroys the bright future of young people.
  • Human moral decay occurs.
  • Family quarrels arise.
  • The balance of society is lost.


How to solve this problem?

The problem of drug abuse is global today. We need to take appropriate action against the threat to protect future generations from its scourge.

  • The family environment should be smooth and beautiful.
  • Children should be careful not to mix with dishonest people on that day.
  • Laws enacted to curb drug abuse must be enforced.
  • We need to create public awareness about the dangers of drug addiction.
  • Drug treatment and rehabilitation centers should be set up.
  • The availability of drugs should be reduced.


The role of the student community and the young community is paramount in shaping the future of every country and nation. But our young generation is becoming meaningless and useless after getting addicted to drugs . So we all need to be aware of this terrible problem and take appropriate steps to solve the problem

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