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Gender Inequality

What is Gender Discrimination?
Gender inequality or gender discrimination is the difference between the rights of a boy and a girl. This is currently a global problem. Most countries in the world are plagued by this problem. Girls are the biggest victims and it is very sad that it often starts before they are born.


Status of Gender Discrimination:

Our society has been familiar with gender inequality since the very beginning of the world. Boys and girls are both an integral part of society but girls are kept behind boys. Boys are given more priority. Because it is thought that only boys can earn and they will contribute more to the family. In this way women are left behind in all fields.


Causes of Gender Inequality :

There are many reasons behind gender inequality and some of them–

• Social reforms and practices induce our patriarchal society to degrade the status of women.
• Religious misinterpretation and social structure.
• Only men think functional.
• Men think higher local than women. Ignorance of parents accelerates gender inequality.
• This superstition is that women will be the only ones in the house.


Consequences of gender inequality:

Gender inequality is an obstacle to the development of the country and the nation. No matter what we say, the country is moving forward but in fact it is not allowing the country to move forward. The consequences are devastating and it is having a huge impact on the development of the country as well as the mental health of girls. Significant side effects of this are:
• A human complication of inferiority among girls.
• They think they are not perfect people.
• It is having a huge impact on women’s education.
• The dowry system is not being stopped in any way.
• Injustice against women is on the rise frequently.
• Female feticide is on the rise.
• Girls are being physically abused in the family.


How to solve this problem:

This problem cannot be solved overnight. However, if you try sincerely, it is possible to reduce a lot. We need to take some steps to solve this problem. For example,
• The rights of men and women must be established.
• We have to pay close attention to women’s education.
• Ensure adequate education, health and other facilities for boys and girls.
• Women’s rights must be ensured.
• Strict punishment should be provided in case of gender inequality.
• Men and women are not different in the eyes of society, it must be established in society.


Gender inequality is a curse for society. We can still be free from this curse, when we can properly realize the fact that women are not just women but they are human beings. If we want to take the country forward, we have to focus on educating men as well as women because almost half of our population is women. And this will be possible only when we can eliminate gender inequality from the society.


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