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How to backup website?WordPress best free backup Plugin

In this post we disscuss best wordpress backup plugin.Today we are going to talk in this post about how to get the BACKUP of a WordPress website and how to back up WordPress, all these questions are going to be answered in today’s post, hope this post is yours It will be much more important for you and after reading this post completely, you will be able to backup your own website very comfortably.

We all know that to run a website its DATA needs to be UPLOAD in SERVER and whenever we create our WEBSITE we need HOSTING for it and whenever we create it All our website data is uploaded within the server of the same hosting.

But anytime our posting gets all DATA DELETE or is HACKERS can delete our data, keeping in mind that it is very important to backup our website from time to time because we too It is not known that the data of our website gets compiled from the server and if the data gets deleted, we do not have backup file in it, then we can never record our website again.

If you want to secure your website, then you should backup it, if you have not taken it yet, then through this post you will be able to backup very easily, so let us know how you can backup us with you. I am going to talk about some of the best PLUGINs.

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Here we are going to talk about some of the best PLUGIN, with the help of which WORDPRESS WEBSITE can be backed up. You can use any of these plugging, we are going to tell you below about it. We are going to talk about the features in full detail, you can use any PLUGIN according to you.

It is very simple PLUGIN UpdraftPlus makes it easy to backup and restore. It is the highest ranking and most popular scheduled backup plugin in the world. It is the best plucking. You can guess its famous (FAMOUS) by that 20 million It is installed inside more than one website.

Backup your files and database backups to the cloud and restore with one click! There are many more future such as you can upload whatever is inside any cloud.

If you do not have much knowledge of WordPress, then you will be able to use this plucking very comfortably, here every information has been told very well so that you will not have any problem in backing up through this plucking. There are two versions of this plucking where one is free and for the other you need to pay money, but if you just have to backup WordPress then there is a lot of free version too. 

BackWPup Plugin is our second plugin, what we are going to tell you in this poster is the main reason for placing this plucking second, which you will know in this post.

The backup plugin can be used to save your entire installation including BackWPup / wp-content / and push them to an external backup service like Dropbox, S3, FTP.

Now let us also know about some of its features, inside the message plugging, you will get to see many good features, but we are going to talk about the main features here.


  1. WordPress XML Export
  2. Create a file with installed plugins
  3. Optimize database
  4. Check database and repair

In this plucking, all the work can be done simultaneously, you can also backup your WordPress website and change many settings in your WordPress with the same, through this plucking it provides many features with the help of which Website performance can be increased.

Jetpack helps secure your site which protects you from bestial force attacks and unauthorized logins. Basic protection is always free while premium plans include extended backups and automated fixes. The site includes Jetpack’s full suite of security equipment.


On this we have shared 3 plugins, with the help of which you can backup your WordPress website . Today there are many backup plugins on the internet too but we have talked about the best plugin in this post.

best wordpress backup wordpress backup plugin.

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