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How To Become A Real Estate Agent Basic Rules And Reulation

Now-a-days people like to build their career in diversified way. Now they want to become an entrepreneur, a consultant and most interestingly a real estate agent! Only being doctors and engineers are not people’s first choice. People like to take more challenges. Undoubtedly to become a real estate agent is far more challenging profession.


Though having a lot of interest to become a real estate agent, many of us do not know the procedure about how to become a real estate agent basic rules and regulation. So, today we will let you know about the basic rules and regulation to become a real estate agent. Lets go ahead to explore about becoming a real estate agent!

How To Become A Real Estate Agent Basic Rules and Regulation

There are so many real estate firms and brokerages all over the world. And, many real estate agents are working for them under the firms. What do you think, is it a tough job? Yes, if you are go blindly and want to become a real estate agent, it will be really very tough job for you.

We all know that everything has its own rules and regulation. Like all of those, to become a real estate agent, there are also some systematic rules and regulation. We will share with you the steps of becoming a real estate agent which are very basic in rules and regulation. These are-

  • General requirement to apply
  • Pre-licensing Course
  • Register for licensing exam
  • License collection
  • Join in a real estate brokerage

So, these basic 5 steps are mandatory to become a real estate agent. Now we are going to discuss and explain more on these 5 steps. Lets have a look on these!

1. General Requirement to Apply

There are some general requirement to be eligible to apply for a real estate agent. It may vary through country to country, but, there are some basic rules which are common in all countries. Those are-

  • Minimum 18 years old
  • Must be a permanent residence of a country
  • Have documents of personal information and fingerprints
  • Higher school certificate or degree certificate or similar certificate completed
  • Pre-licensing education
  • Pass the pre licensing exam with a good passing grade
  • Having clear issues in criminal background

2. Pre-licensing course

A real estate agent candidate must have to complete a pre-licensing course. So, the candidate has to enroll himself or herself to do the classes of the course. The requirement of the course may vary from each country to another country. Such as, if you want to be a real estate agent in California, you must fulfill 135 hours. On the other hand, if you want to become a real estate agent in Virginia, a candidate have to complete 60hours of training for pre-licensing course.

You can complete the pre-licensing course by following two ways. You can go through online learning and you can also choose offline learning means regular physical classes at any institute under a course supervisor. Actually who are remain busy with there jobs or business they choose online classes.

After completing the classes of the course, they have to manage a certificate as an important document. In this course people learn on different real estate principals or rules, about pricing, dealing clients, about real estate market etc. So, just visit the real estate commission website and check the listed institute. This pre-licensing course may cost 200-300 dollar.

3. Register for licensing exam

After completing the pre-licensing course, then its time to take preparation for the licensing exam. To register for licensing exam, your state’s official website of state commission will show you an entry slot. By obeying all the rules and regulation for applying the licensing exam, just select a date to sit on the licensing examination. Statistics shows that, minimum fifty percent candidate fails at the first attempt of the licensing exam. So, be careful while you select the exam date. Prepare yourself as much as better you can.

Licensing exam may cost 100-300 dollar! So, be conscious about your money! Gather proper knowledge about the question paper. There are two parts of the licensing exam. One is about rules and regulation of the real estate and other part is about the law. And, most important point is, the candidate has to pass individually on both of these parts.

What if a person fail? Could not that person sit for the licensing exam again? Of course he or she can but, after giving a break. The break time may be at least two years.

4. License collection

Now it is license collection time! If you pass on the licensing exam, the authority will inform you after publishing the result. You will be informed over phone call or by the email. Initially, you can see your certificate on the real estate website of the state, then you have to collect it from the office. Because, you must have the main copy of the certificate. After having the main copy, you can apply for a brokerage or a real estate company.

For applying to a real estate company, you should also have some documents along with the main copy of the certificate. Then try to be a member of MLS. MLS stands for Multiple Listing Services. What is the benefit of being a member of MLS? Yes, it will help you to increase knowledge about real estate, the process of dealing, tax knowledge, client communication, property knowledge and increase knowledge about brokerage. And, you have to pay for the membership.

5. Join in a real estate brokerage

This is the last steps of how to become a real estate agent basic rules and regulation. In this stage you have to apply for a brokerage firm to work with them as a salesperson. Do not think that you have license and you are completely ready as a real estate agent. You should even you must work under a brokerage firm.

For the application process, as you have to submit your important certificates and the other documents, that’s why check the offices wisely. If possible, visit the offices physically. Then you can apply for your suitable one.

Now you can work as a broker. But, it is wise to work as an agent. Because you can work freely as an advisor or agent then. Even the company will give you commission too. So, is not it a great earning source?


So, overall we can say that, it is a long process. Actually, it is not that easy about making money. You must do hard work and have patience also. Though to become a real estate agent seems so hard system, but if you go through systematically, nothing is impossible.

I think after reading this write up people can gather a basic knowledge on how to become a real estate agent basic rules and regulation. So, develop your career in real estate sector!

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