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How to do SEO in WordPress? Learn On Page SEO

The best Platform WordPress for those who are blocking or learning blocking is for them. If you are also learning blogging, you must create a website in WordPress. It has many good options that will help you get your own. It will be very easy to create a blog and the best thing is that you can do SEO easily in it, then tea, whether you have any information about it or not, in this case, we have come up with this question. How do we do SEO in WordPress? Learn SEO on Page.

Today, through this post, we are going to tell you in a simple language that whenever you create a new block in WordPress, how to do SEO first, which helps you get a good rank in Google and your block. Traffic also found  We will be here in a lot more detail on how to do SEO related setting in WordPress.
We all know to well that traffic is more important in any block. It becomes even more important when we create new blocks that make it more difficult to bring traffic on how many blocks. So SEO in WordPress is very carefully. Have to be done.

How to do SEO in WordPress?

This is what we will talk about On Page SEO, because whenever we create any new block, we have to do On Page SEO first. Then only we can write the content on our blog if it does. First we will start writing content in the blog, then that content will never be ranked. So if you are also starting to write content in your block, then do the setting we have given you in your blog before.

Install Yoast Plugin

This plugin will help you write just the content of your blog. Also, the plugin has many great features to help you grow your blog. You can install this PLUGIN in your blog for free. There are 2 versions available. First one you can use for free. Second you need to pay some money. If you are so bad then free version for you. Too much you will get many options in this too .


After installing the pluging , the second thing you have to do is change the Permalinks because whenever we first install the wordpress , it is the parma links, so we need to change it to POST NAME. So that whatever content we are writing can be SEO Friendly. For this, you have to go to PERMALINKS in SETTING, but you will get the saree setting related to this You can also keep Day and name, Month and name, Numeric but for SEO you have to keep only POST NAME .


After this you have to create CATEGORIES in your website because if you don’t create a category, it will be difficult to keep the content on your website correctly because if you write too much content on your blog, it is very important to put it inside the category. What does it mean that the USER that comes to your website won’t have much trouble finding the CONTENT in your website,
The second advantage of this is that ranking also has a lot of importance. Google and all other search engine categories also select and rank it as well .


So here’s what we told you about some settings on how to do SEO in WordPress? This must have been answered and we have explained it in a very detail about On Page SEO.

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