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How to increase battery backup in android?

Today’s topic is very important for all those who use SMART DEVICE because the most important battery inside any smart device is its battery but today the more smart devices are becoming the less BATTERY BACKUP. If we use a smartphone, we can get very less battery backup. If you want to solve the same problem, we will give complete information about Battery Backup in this post.

Even though this smartphone is a small device, it is very important in our life because we can do a lot of work through our smartphone and the way the internet is becoming popular, the demand of these smartphones is too much. Growing up today everyone using smartphone.

Many people are having the same problem the most how we can increase the backup of our device’s battery so you also want a solution to this problem so our post is perfect for you we are very much here Explained this and also some settings that you can increase your battery backup by doing it inside your smartphone .

Today with the help of our mobile phone we can do all the work on the internet like online shopping pay our electric bill and there are many things we can do with our smartphones very comfortably.

How to increase battery backup?

We’re here to share some SMART SETTING with you to help you increase the BACKUP of your smart phone battery as we often ignore some settings when using our smartphone that are in the BACKGROUND. Our battery is doing CONSUME .So apply all our settings carefully to your mobile and you will definitely feel the difference in your battery.


Our smartphones have many features that help us to AUTO BRIGHTNESS so that we don’t need to do what we have manually. The biggest advantage of auto brightness is that you can increase your battery backup with the help of it.Whenever you use your smartphone, keep brightness on auto brightness, so that whenever you need less brightness, it will automatically reduce and when you need more brightness outside, it will automatically be less.


As we told you before, there are many good futures inside the smartphone. If we use those features, our battery backup will not be available at all, if you use LIVE WALLPAPER, your battery will be more consumed.LIVE WALLPAPER looks pretty good on screen but if you always keep it, it will have more on your battery and if you keep simple wallpaper, it will get good battery. You have to use SIMPLE WALLPAPER .


Today all smartphones have the option of POWER SAVING MODE. It is already installed by the company, with which we can see the performance of our smartphone’s battery. Here you will get all the information on where your battery is and where your battery is. How much is being used if you want more battery backup keep this mode ON always.


These are two things we don’t think much about. We always have it on inside our smartphones and we don’t think it should be shut down but here’s one thing to note. Your HOTSPOT and WI-FI. Your phone has the highest battery consume. If you don’t use them you have to keep them shut.


How did we give you a battery backup here? Complete information about this. If your mobile’s battery doesn’t work too much, then do apply our mentioned settings in your phone and you will see a lot of difference in your mobile’s battery backup  but if our Even after setting the mentioned, if you are not getting BATTERY BACKUP, it means that your mobile’s battery has been damaged.

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