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How to increase wifi speed easily in usa 2021

The speed of WiFi can be reduced for many reasons. And the internet speed is mostly dependent on the router. Also, in the lack of privacy, sometimes a lot of information can go to others. Let’s know what things to keep in mind when using WiFi and what to do to strengthen the WiFi network.
Router Upgrade: Many old routers are the ones that supply the internet at slow speed. Need a speed router to remove the RA limitations. Check your router speed in this case. If it’s lower speed than your internet line, the router may need to be changed.
Router Position: Try to place a router with no barriers in the closest location to digital devices. If you have a lot of heavy furniture in your home, put routers on them not behind them. This will help routers connect to your devices freely. Also, it is reasonable to put it in the middle of the house instead of keeping it at one end of the house.


Know if your router’s frequency is conflicting with other devices frequency. If your router uses 2.4 GHz frequency it is likely to conflict with cordless phone, microwave, bluetooth, CCTV etc. It is best to use 5 GHz or any other frequency.
Avoid barriers: Many things can cause obstacles to your device’s faster communication with a router. The barriers include metal doors, aluminum structures, wall insulation, water tank or aquarium, mirrors, halogen lights, glass and concrete. Install necessary devices or routers where these barriers are least.
Software Update: Various software working on router and internet supply are upgraded regularly. Updating router and mobile device or PC software with a little care can help you get good internet speed.
EXTENDER: Extenders are available to increase networks. If you need internet usage anywhere away from your WiFi router you can use extender.
Neighbor: Using your internet connection by a neighbor can reduce your internet speed. So beware of the neighbors. Of course it’s a good idea for some neighbors to take a dynamic internet and share it.
Increase Security: Use somewhat safer WPA / WPA2 instead of WEP for WiFi Internet. This will ensure the security of internet usage. It is also necessary to change the password regularly.
KEEP A SECRET: WiFi network doesn’t need to provide your name and device details. Use symbolic name and very confidential password instead.
Use Tin Foil: Signal is possible to increase using tin foil outside the antenna of WiFi router like dish antenna or any other way. Can use this if other ways don’t work.
increase wifi speed in usa.increase wifi speed in usa.

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