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How to prevent white hair in young age

In this article we have discussed about how to prevent white hair in young age.Hair grows with age, such is the general idea. But if you look around or in familiar people, you will see that even at a young age, many people have full head of mature hair. The black hair on the head is turning white, thinking that when it is forbidden to sleep at night, many people may get rid of the problem of gray hair if they want it in an unknown, homely way.

Our hair is dry for various reasons. One study found that 10 to 20 percent of our hair grows every decade since we were 30 years old. However, the main cause of hair loss is the pigment cell that determines the color of our skin, from which a pigment called melanin is produced. That melanin causes the hair color to turn black. But when the production of melanin in our body stops, only then does the hair ripen, that is, it turns white. In addition, many people lose their hair quickly due to genetic and family reasons. In addition, uncontrolled lifestyle, excessive eating habits, lack of vitamins A, E and D, not taking care of hair, excessive stress, excessive smoking can cause hair loss at a young age.

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How to prevent white hair in young age

Coconut oil: Massage coconut oil on the scalp every night before going to bed. Wake up in the morning and wash normally. You will get rid of the problem of hair loss in a few days. Mixing lemon juice with coconut oil is also beneficial.

Ginger and honey: Ginger juice and honey can be eaten together to get rid of white hair. Regular consumption of one teaspoon of honey with one teaspoon of ginger juice will prevent premature hair ripening.

Onion paste: Onion paste can play an effective role in preventing premature aging of hair. Massage onion paste on the hair roots regularly every day. Leave it for 30 minutes and wash it off. The problem of hair loss will come down in a few days.

Mehedi: The use of mehedi in hair protection is quite ancient. Mixing mustard oil with henna leaf butter and applying it on the hair will play an effective role in preventing the hair from turning white.

Black sesame: Black sesame is very useful to keep hair black. If you eat one tablespoon of black sesame three to four days a week, your hair will be less mature and your hair will be black.

Almonds: Almonds can be an effective solution if you want to get healthy hair. Besides, it will play a role in preventing hair ripening. So in addition to eating nuts regularly, you will also benefit from applying almond oil to your hair.

Carrot Juice: Carrots are rich in vitamins A, K and B6; Potassium, beta carotene, which is quite effective in restoring the beauty of hair. Drinking half a glass of carrot juice every day can get rid of the problem of premature hair growth.

Juice of young guava leaves: Juice of young guava leaves can play a great role in preventing hair ripening. Young gum leaves are rich in Vitamin A and C, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium and Amino Acids. Eating 100 grams of young gumpata juice every day will reduce hair ripening, as well as white hair will become black.

Chhola: Chhola contains B12 and folic acid. If you wake up in the morning and eat gram on an empty stomach, your health will be good and your hair will be black.

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