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Income from blog through mobile without Laptop or desktop

Many of you know what blog is. Even if you don’t know, blog is a kind of website, here you are reading this article on my website is a blog site or blog website. That means the type of websites that publish articles or posts or different blogs are called blog websites.Some of the popular blogsites in Bangladesh are: Techtunes, Sumwarinblogs, Study etc.I hope you will understand the blog sites completely if you visit these sites.

Thousands of visitors (who enter the sites to read different posts) visit these sites every day, as these sites have written on the various essentials of people. That’s what someone needs everyday. And regularly blogs about good new topics. As a result, their sites are increasing in popularity.

And as their popularity grows, they are getting the opportunity to promote various advertisements on their sites. There are numerous advertiser websites to advertise on the blog from where anyone can take advertisement for their own website. Google Adsense is the most popular and trusted among these. Most of the world’s websites have chosen Google Adsense for advertising.

When GoogleAdSense shows on the blog, blog visitors see the advertisement and click on the ads that resulted in Google Adsense paying website owners.It is noted here that the more people enter the site, the more visitors enter the more ad clicks the more clicks the more the clicks you get, the more money you earn.In this airticle we know about Income from blog through mobile without Laptop or desktop.

Some of the popular blogsites in Bangladesh have a little idea about how much they earn monthly:

1 / TechTunes: This is a technology blog site. The monthly number of visitors of techtunes is about 233340 and they earn about 559 $ per month which is about 44720 taka in Bengali taka. And their yearly income is about $ 6799, which is about 543920 taka in Bengali taka.

2 / Sumwarinblog: This is also a technology blog site. This is also a very popular blog in Bangladesh. The monthly number of visitors of Sumwarinblog is 385830 and their monthly income is about $ 1021 which is about 81680 taka in Bangla Taka. And their income is about 12417 $ dollar which is about 992960 taka in Bengali taka.

3 / Study: This is an educational blog site. This site is also very popular in Bangladesh. The monthly number of visitors is about 316440 and its monthly income is about 660 $ which is about 52800 taka in Bangla Taka. And its residential income is about 8034 $ which is about 642720 taka in Bangla taka

Now you are sure to understand how much money can be made from a blog site and if it is in English then there is no word then income will be two to three times more. Because in English sites your visitors will be mostly from Europe, America and the advertising prices and CPCs are much higher than ours, so less visitors have more income on English blogs.

Your to do and how to create a blog site?

Now the thing is that you can create a blog site with your own name if you wish. Then you can write on a topic you know on your blog and bring visitors to your blog with more shares. But you must have a lot more patience for this. And you’ll have to keep writing more and more new topics on your site regularly.

This could be a live time income source for you if you can bring good visitors to your site with some good posts and more shares.

And now creating a blogsite is not a hard thing. Anyone can create a website completely free if they wish. If you want livetime support you better buy it. But you can start with free first.

From creating another blog site, all the work on the site can be done through a mobile phone.

If you wish, you can create a website in just 10 minutes with your mobile phone and start working from today. WordPress, blogger can be the right solution for website building.

If you have any questions or any problems, you can comment in the comment box below. We will try to help us as much as we can.

I think you know properly about Income from blog through mobile without Laptop or desktop.

Income from blog through mobile without Laptop or desktop.

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