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Internet of Things(IoT): The upcoming wonder technology

What is Internet of Things(IoT)?

Internet of things or IoT refers to the billions of physical devices around the world that are connected through the Internet. Though IoT is connected to smart devices providing rich data, it can also be a security nightmare. It is possible to connect anything as small as a pill to anything big as an aeroplane into a part of IoT. Adding sensors with these objects makes a level of digital intelligence to devices. IoT makes our world smarter and more responsive to us.

Internet of Things(IOT)

History of IoT

The term Internet of Things is 16 years old. But the particular idea of connected devices had been around longer, a minimum of since the 70s. Back then, the concept was often called “embedded internet” or “pervasive computing”. But the particular term “Internet of Things” was coined by Kevin Ashton in 1999 during his work Procter&Gamble. Ashton who was working in supply chain optimization wanted to draw in senior management’s attention to a replacement exciting technology called RFID. Because the net was the most well-liked new trend in 1999 and since it somehow made sense, he called his presentation “Internet of Things”.

Even though Kevin grabbed the interest of some P&G executives, the term iot didn’t get widespread attention for the subsequent 10 years.

How big it is?

Big and getting bigger — there are already more connected things than people all over the world.

Tech analyst company IDC predicts that in total there have been 41.6 billion connected IoT devices by 2025. It also suggests that industrial and automotive equipment represent the most important opportunity of connected “things,”, but it has strong adoption of smart home and wearable devices within the near term.

Another tech analyst, Gartner, predicts that the enterprise and automotive sectors will account for five.8 billion devices this year, up almost 1 / 4 of 2019. Utilities are going to be the best user of IoT, due to the continuing rollout of smart meters. Security devices, within the kind of intruder detection and web cameras, are going to be the second biggest use of IoT devices. Building automation is going to be the fastest-growing sector, followed by automotive and healthcare.

Why we need IoT?
Iot connects all potential object to interact with one another via the net to provide a secure and prosperous life for human. Iot makes our life easy and makes our world as possible as connected together. It helps to measure and work smarter additionally to gain complete control over their lives. Iot is everywhere like education, science, social science, medical science and all the sphere of our life we’ve found the touch of iot which makes our life easy and comfortable.

Advantages of IoT

Internet of things facilitates the several advantages in our lifestyle. a number of its benefits are given below:

  • Efficient resource utilization.
  • Minimize human effort: The devices of IoT interact and communicate with one another via Internet to try and do a lot of task for us and minimize the human effort.
  • Save time: It reduces the human effort then it definitely saves out time. Time is the vital factor which may save through IoT platform.
  • Enhance Data Collection.
  • Secured platform: IoT gives us a secure platform to attach the planet with Internet.   

Disadvantages of IoT

ere are some disadvantages of IoT:

  • Compatibility: As of now, there’s no standard for tagging and monitoring with sensors. an identical concept just like the USB or Bluetooth is required which shouldn’t be that difficult to try to to.
  • Complexity: Although IoT makes our life merciful, there are several opportunities for failure with complex systems. The designing, developing and maintaining and enabling the massive technology to IoT system sometimes complicated.
  •  Privacy/Security: Privacy could be a big issue with IoT. All the information must be encrypted. Because the IoT systems are interconnected and communicate over networks. The system offers little control despite any security measures, and it may be lead the assorted manners of network attacks.
  • Safety: There’s an opportunity that the software is hacked and your personal information misused. The probabilities are endless. Your prescription being changed or your account details being hacked could put you in danger. Hence, all the security risks become the consumer’s responsibility.

Applications of IoT

  • Smart Home
    With IoT creating the ‘Smart Home’ is that the foremost searched IoT associated feature nowadays. But what’s a smart home?

Wouldn’t you’re keen on you’ll start air-con before reaching home or cut lights even after you have left home? Or unlock the doors to friends for temporary access even after you do not seem to be a reception.

Smart Home has become the rebellious ladder of success within the residential spaces and it’s signified Smart homes will become as common as smartphones.

Internet of Things(IOT)

  • Connected car

A connected car may be a vehicle which is ready to optimize its own operation, maintenance additionally because of the comfort of passengers using onboard sensors and internet connectivity. Using IoT we made this sort of car.

  • Smart cities
    A smart city is another powerful application of IoT generating curiosity among the globe. Smart surveillance, automated transportation, Power management systems, water distribution, urban security, smart home, health care and environmental monitoring all are samples of the Iot applications for smart cities.
  • Industrial Internet
    Industrial Internet is the new gossip within the industrial sector. It’s empowering applied science with sensors, software and large data analytics to make brilliant machines easily.
  • Energy Engagement
    Power grids of the long run won’t only be smart enough but also highly reliable. Smart grid concept is becoming highly regarded everywhere the planet.

The basic idea behind the smart grids is to gather data in an automatic fashion and analyze the behaviour of electricity consumers and suppliers for improving efficiency further because of the economics of electricity use.

Smart Grids will be able to detect sources of power outages more quickly and at individual household levels sort of a nearby electrical device, making possible distributed energy system.

  • IoT in Healthcare
    Connected healthcare yet remains the sleeping giant of the web of Things applications. The concept of the connected healthcare system and smart medical devices bears massive potential not only for companies but also for the well-being of individuals generally.

May be IoT in healthcare is going to be massive within the coming years. IoT in healthcare is focused on empowering people to provide a healthier life by wearing connected devices frequently.

Future of IoT
IoT is that the new upcoming technology with numerous advantages and certain assumed disadvantages but that advantage may be transformed into advantages by a little bit of more research and advancement into the system because it goes to be the foremost effective a part of our lives within the near future.
In the future, IoT will become the foremost essential a part of our life because it will connect different sources of data like sensors, television, mobile phones and cars in an ever tighter manner. the number of devices that hook up with the net is increasing. These billions of components produce, consume and process information in several environments like logistic applications, factories and airports yet as within the work and everyday lives of individuals.


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