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Mango leaves for diabetes act like insulin

This article discusses mango leaves for diabetes. This summer fruit is probably the king of the fruit dynasty. Indians know how to use this fruit in all ways, be it raw or ripe. Whether in cooking, in chutney, in pickles, in sherbet – mango is the absolute dominance. Leaving aside the taste, mango has more than one role in health. You will be surprised to know that mango is important in the body as a fruit, but mango is also very necessary for health. Ampata has been used as a home remedy for various physical problems for a long time. For example, the role of mango leaves in controlling blood sugar levels and diabetes is sufficient.

When young, mango leaves are usually reddish or purple in color. As big as the mango leaves are dark green. These leaves contain powerful antioxidants and flavonoids and phenols. It can be eaten as a decoction by drying the leaves and boiling them in hot water. Ampata is also cooked and eaten in many places in South East Asia. This leaf contains a lot of anti-microbial ingredients which makes it very medicinal.

mango leaves for diabetes.

How to use mango leaves to prevent diabetes?

Mango leaves extract is useful in diabetes and asthma. However, in 2010, a special scientific study on rats found that rats given mango leaves extract had lower glucose absorption. This is because mango leaves extract increases the body’s insulin production and also fights against cholesterol in the blood as it contains vitamin C, pectin, and fiber. In addition, Ampata also protects us from other diabetic symptoms such as frequent urination and blurred vision.

In case of diabetes, ten to fifteen young mango leaves should be boiled in water. Leaving that water overnight comes in handy. However, before using any home remedies for diabetes, you must consult a dietitian or nutritionist.

Everyone likes to eat mango. There is no doubt about the health benefits of mango. But mango leaves are also very beneficial for health which many people do not know. Mango leaves are rich in vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants, and minerals. Mango leaves contain an active ingredient called mangiferin which has immense health benefits. Young mango leaves can be boiled and drunk or the leaves can be eaten, guru. The use of mango leaves in curing various diseases has been described in Ayurveda. Let’s learn about the health benefits of mango leaves.

The use of mango leaves in controlling diabetes has been going on since ancient times. Moreover, the use of mango leaves in the treatment of high blood pressure and bronchitis, kidney and gallstones, gum problems, diarrhea, and stomach ailments is universally accepted today.

Studies have shown that young mango leaves contain anthocyanins called tannins, which are very beneficial for diabetics. The leaves also help control insulin levels in the body and reduce hyperglycemia, experts say.

Diabetes medicine can be made at home with the help of mango leaves. There are many modern medicines that, in addition to eating, can be used to control this deadly condition. Mango leaves can be consumed in two ways, powder, and juice. The process is described below:

Mango leaves medicinal uses.cure many disease



Mango leaves 10-12

Water – 2 glasses.

Creation process:

First, boil the mango leaves in a bowl with a glass and a half of water for 5 minutes and pour it in it. Then heat on low heat for about 15 minutes. Then remove the flame and wait until it comes to room temperature. Store in a bottle overnight, get up in the morning, and drink on an empty stomach. After playing continuously for 1-2 months, you will gradually start getting benefits.


Dry the mango leaves and grind them into powder. Then eat one spoon every morning and afternoon as a rule. You will see that it works like magic like the first method.

Diabetes is not a disease, it is a long process. In this condition, the patient’s body becomes useless day by day and at one point falls in the face of death. When the level of insulin is not right, the amount of sugar in the body increases and it has a serious effect on the kidneys. Gradually the nerves, the heart, the eyesight all started to get worse. So, diabetes is a terrible thing. To avoid this, specific rules and procedures have to be adopted from now on. On the one hand, we will be able to lead a healthy life, on the other hand, our future generations will be safe.


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