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phobia types:phobia to long words, zoophobia.

In this article discuss,phobia types:phobia to long words,zoophobia.The word phobia comes from the Greek language. It means to be afraid  or frightened. The disease is manifested by symptoms such as fear of  unnecessary things, such as fear of insects, fear of rising to a higher place, fear of coming into public society, fear of darkness, etc. This kind of unreasonable fear is called phobia in medical language. Phobia is a type of mental illness that can make a person’s life miserable. Phobias or unreasonable fears can be various issues.

Some of these phobias are explained below:

1. Socialphobia: People with social phobia feel uncomfortable in front of strangers.

2. Acrophobia: People with this problem are afraid of high places. When they go to high places, they get other symptoms including dizziness. Looking down from a multi-storey house or high place is terrifying. They are afraid to climb on the plane and even on the foot over the bridge.

3. Hydrophobia: Hydrophobia is the fear of seeing water or falling into the water or getting into a boat.

4. Ablutophobia: People with ablutophobia are afraid to take a bath. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly. But it is easy to imagine how miserable a person’s life can be without a bath.

5. Agorophopia: Afraid to live in such a vast field as open space. Prefers to be confined or crowded.

6. Ailurophobia: People with this phobia are scared to see cats.

7. Cynophobia (fear of dogs): They can react horribly when they see a dog.

8. Hippophobia (Horse Fear): They are scared even when they see a horse riding.
9. Murophobia: If you are afraid of rats, you are in the language of science
Suffering from Murophobia.

10. Sciophobia: Are you afraid of seeing shadows? Then you are one in the language of science
Patients with sciophobia.

11. Claustrophobia: People with this phobia are afraid to stay in confinement.

12. Nephophobia: A person with nephrophobia is terrified of clouds all the time. They are even afraid to look at the sky.

13. Caligynophobia (Fear of beautiful women): It is quite startling. It happens to some men that they are scared when they see a beautiful girl.

14. Erotophobia (love and fear of sex): Needless to say, the fear of love and sex can play a negative role in a person’s life.

15. Spectrophobia: The life of a person suffering from spectrophobia becomes miserable due to fear of mirrors. The victim is terrified of his reflection in the mirror. Victims of this phobia are terrified of their personalities or can’t stand the scars on their skin. Many people are also scared of any horrible past event.

16. Nyctophobia (dark / night fear): Fear of darkness, night or dark cave chamber etc.

17. Anthophobia: People with this type of phobia feel a kind of stress when they see flowers or when they are around flowers. Many people are not afraid of the whole flower, they are afraid of any special part of the flower like petals or pollen.

18. Hedonophobia: Although it sounds strange to hear, it is true that some people in the world have fear of happiness. People with this phobia are afraid of enjoyable moments. They are afraid to get pleasure and express it. People with this type of problem like to be different from everyone in the society.

19. Heliophobia: Heliophobia is the fear of the sun’s rays. Infected with this phobia, the person is afraid of the sun’s rays. Hellophobia is caused by skin cancer or fear of sunburn. During the day they darken the room inside the house and never go out in the sunlight. Even if a little sunlight enters the house, they become panicked. It’s a horrible kind of phobia.

20. Thalassophobia: They are afraid of seeing the sea or boarding the sea.21. Agoraphobia (fear of crowds): Symptoms of phobias are panic attacks on crowded streets.

22. Trypanophobia: Fear of seeing an injection needle or syringe.

23. Agyrophobia: They are very scared when it comes to crossing the road. Extra fear beyond normal alertness.

24. Anablephobia (literally the fear of looking up): People with this phobia are afraid to look up. They are afraid to look at the sky, the roof of the house, tall trees, even tall buildings.

25. Trypophobia: This is the most terrible phobia. People with this phobia see innumerable holes in their bodies and in the bodies of others. And all of a sudden he panics and starts to feel unbearable pain and he can’t bear this pain and he hits his own body.

phobia types.phobia types.phobia types.


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