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Smoking: Another name of drinking poison

Smoking is the name of drinking poison for people. People are slaves to habits, the worst and most harmful habit is smoking. We are accustomed to this habit knowingly and about 70 per cent of the Bengali population is related to this bad habit. It is not only bad for your health, it is also bad for your money.



Smoking is rampant in the world today. It was introduced from the Red Indians. The Indians used to burn big tobacco leaves and smoke, from then on smoking started. Modern society is constantly emerging. The first cigarette factory was established in Havana, the capital of Cuba.


Extension of smoking:

There are different types of smoking methods in different countries. However, as the world moves towards modernity, the old traditional system is disappearing. People usually like to imitate. People learn a lot by looking at others and its manifestation is the habit of smoking. Usually the younger ones get used to the habits of father and elder brother. They do not have to learn formally. Besides, it  is also widespread through bad company.


Disadvantages of smoking:

It is a terrible disorder. Slowly pushing a man to death. It has many disadvantages that cannot be ruled out. Some of them are:

  • It increases the risk of cancer.
  • Continuous smoking reduces people’s vitality.
  • The people around him are not immune to the effects of it.
  • It reduces human fertility.
  • Continuous smoking increases the risk of developing any major disease.
  • Vitamin C deficiency may occur. As a result, the skin becomes dull and pale.
  • It can reduce appetite.
  • Cataracts in the eyes and erosion of the tissue behind the eyes.


Movement against this slow poison:

 The nation is moving at the wrong pace. So if the compromise of redemption does not work, we have to move against it.

  • Cigarette promotion and all kinds of advertisements should be stopped.
  • We have to stop importing smoking products from abroad.
  • Legal action must be taken against those who encourage these things.
  • The disadvantages of it should be spread everywhere.
  • Everyone should be encouraged to stop  drinking this slow poison.

It is harmful for all of us. It is as harmful to the smoker as it is to the people around him. So everyone must come forward to build a smoke-free society.




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