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Summer hair care male and female with 9 hair care tips

In ths article discuss , Summer hair care with 9 tips.Everyone’s life is unbearable due to the intensity of the sun. There is no way to get rid of the heat of the sun outside or inside the house. Similarly, the skin and hair are constantly struggling with the adverse environment. Sweating where there is heat and this sweat is the main reason for the hair to become sticky or oily. Bacteria or fungi are born due to sweat and air dust in hot weather. This can cause rashes or itching on the scalp. Moreover, dandruff on the head , roughness in the hair, the hair becomes dirty, even the hair begins to fall! If you don’t take care of your hair in hot weather, your hair will be damaged a lot.

When the hair gets sweaty, the roots become soft due to itching and pulling of the hair. Dandruff on the hair grows due to dust in the air outside. So the most important thing at this time is to keep the hair clean and tidy. At this time you have to shampoo your hair every day. The job of shampoo is to clean the hair. Moreover, you should not just shampoo your hair, you should take special care with it. So let’s find out what should be done in hair care this summer!

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9 tips that will give you hair care in hot weather

1) Dry the hair in the fan air

If the roots of the hair get sweaty after returning home from outside, the hair should be dried in the cold air of the fan. Sweat-soaked hair cannot be tied in any way. This is the first condition to take care of hair in hot weather.

2) Shampoo every day

Those who have to go out every day must shampoo their hair every day and apply shampoo and conditioner. Hair should be washed with more water every day. Because you have to take care not to put extra shampoo on the hair roots after shampooing.

3) Apply oil on hair every day

You can apply oil on your hair every night . It will work for deep conditioning of hair. Mix a little lemon juice with the oil before applying oil on the hair to keep the hair dandruff free. Reduce hair fall myrobalan juice and castor oil , coconut oil, massaging mixed with the hair roots. The next day, wash your hair with shampoo! You don’t have to skip the oil to take care of your hair in hot weather!

4) Use aloe vera pack to keep your head cool

Aloe vera will help keep the head cool this summer and it will also reduce hair loss. Apply aloe vera juice, wait a while and clean the hair. You can make a pack by mixing aloe vera juice, fenugreek powder and triphala (water soaked in mango, chlorophyll and bohera) together. This will help reduce hair fall and improve hair health.

5) Use a pack of henna and sour yogurt to moisturize the hair

For hair care, make a pack by mixing sour yogurt, henna leaves, fenugreek powder and lemon juice together. It should be applied on the hair for about 30 minutes and then shampooed. Sour yogurt will moisturize the hair. Fenugreek powder removes dandruff and lemon juice will make hair shiny. This should be done at least one day a week.

6) Use banana and mango packs for sunburned red hair

You can make a pack by mixing ripe banana, mango juice, honey and fenugreek powder together and apply it on the hair. It will soften the hair at the same time and prevent it from turning red from sunburn.

7) Lightly tie the hair

During this heat, do not tie the hair tightly and lightly stick it on the punch clip. And do hairstyles that are comfortable in the heat.

8) Do not dry hair in a hair dryer

This summer my hair is sweating. That is why the hot air of the hair dryer cannot be used to dry the hair or to dry the sweat while taking care of the hair in hot weather. The hot air in the hair dryer is the main cause of hair breakage.

9) Use an umbrella or scarf

To take care of your hair in hot weather, you must use an umbrella or scarf when you go out in the sun. This will protect the hair from the harsh sun and excess dust.

Summer hair care with 9 tips

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