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What does freelancer in lightning?save electronics devices

The country is now raining with heavy thunderstorms. In the last few years, the amount of lightning has increased a lot in the country. Due to the cyclone Amfan a few days ago, there was huge damage in different places of the country. In many places, the electricity system has not been fully fixed yet. We freelancers are the most victims. Several freelancer’s PCs, router, modems have been burned due to thunderstorms over the last few days. Fixing PC is also a very difficult task during this time of Corona. Due to electricity and net problems, many people could not submit their work properly, negative power has been reported with order cancellation.

Due to lightning and rain, casualties are being reported almost daily. Statistics revealed, almost half of the deaths of lightning in the world are in Bangladesh. This shows what level of horror has reached. As a freelancer, as a freelancer, we should take extra caution. Because we are always connected to electronics devices. And electronics devices are at the highest risk of lightning. It is noted that, like me, those who are freelancing from the village, they are at higher risk, because there is more thunderstorm in the village than the city. But the city has a lot of risk.

Electronics burns in many houses in the city too. Time for a freelancer to avoid lightning:

1. As the storm starts, turn off all devices including your PC router and unplug from the current line. Disconnect her PC / Router of Broadband Line!
2. If your broadband line is normal core wire, then lightning is more likely to damage PC router. So it’s better to tell IP provider to take a line with optical cable. This will reduce the risk a bit.
3. Make sure your home’s electric line is arthred properly. If not, take action on this matter quickly. If the line is earthing or grounding, the possibility of burning electronics will be reduced. You can also install circuit breaker at home. If there is a major problem in the power line, the power line will be disconnected immediately. This will avoid wasting valuable electronics products. Get the help of an experienced electrician for this.

4. The risk of lightning is high in the tin moves. Besides arthring the current line, make sure to put thunder prevention penalties on rice. Google / search YouTube for details, and get advice from experienced electrician.
5. If there is no resistance at home, stay in separate rooms, instead of being together during the storm.
6. Thunder has started stay away from all electronics devices and metal objects. Stay away from iron windows, doors and iron grills.
7. Don’t go out of the house if you see thick dark clouds, you can go out wearing rubber shoes for urgent need.
8.If it starts raining with thunder while outside, stay away from high plants and electrical poles and wires or metal pillars, mobile towers etc. Stay in the blanks if possible.

9. If someone is injured by lightning, they should be treated like those injured in electric shock. You can search YouTube to know how to provide first aid. Your little awareness can save someone’s life.
10. If you are in fear of lightning, deliver your pending work fast. If you can’t give, please request Bayer to increase the time. Don’t fear, the time will increase. But don’t give blank delivery or fake delivery even by mistake, if you can’t give the work delivery at all, cancel it, even if there is some damage to the account, at least you will avoid being banned. If you think of more problems, you can let me know in support. If you have any problem with Bayer regarding work delivery, it will be your benefit in the future.

11. Every professional freelancer must have IPS backup. If there is lightning in the area, there may be no electricity for long time. It is better to buy band IPS from local handmade IPS. Because UPS mode works well in brand IPS, as a result, PC doesn’t take restart even when power is out. And you don’t have to buy extra UPS. You will get 10-12 hours PC and 16-20 hours laptop backup with 600 VA brand IPS and 130 AMP battery. I have been using Rahim Afroz IPS for the last four years without any hassle.

12. Besides every freelancer’s work PC, there should be an alternative PC. Niden should have a laptop. Despite taking all the precautions, lightning can cause PC to be damaged, the option is a PC, will help you as your closest friend in times of trouble.
Hope we all will be aware and make others aware of thunderstorms.


What does freelancer in lightning. What does freelancer in lightning.

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