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What is a motherboard? And the types of motherboard

Do you know what motherboard is? If you know how to use computer, you will also know about Motherboard, but if you don’t know, then no problem. Today I will tell you in detail so that you can know better what is Motherboard. What is his work.This is a very important part of a computer but people do not pay much attention to it but almost all the work of the computer depends on it.

What is a motherboard?

This is a Printed Circuit Board which is also known as PCB in short. Some people also say logical board. C.P.U., RAM, HDD etc. are connected to motherboard and motherboard also gives power supply.This size is a very small plastic card with a layer of alluminium and coper, along with hundreds of small chips and ports.

Types of Motherboard

Motherboard has two types based on her texture.

1.Integrated Motherboard
2.Non-Integrated Motherboard

1.Integrated Motherboard
In this type of motherboard, ports are made to connect different computer devices, so such motherboard is called Integrated Motherboard. All New Technology PC and Leptop, similar motherboards are used. You can upgrade it according to your work.

2.Non-Integrated Motherboard
In this type of motherboard, there are no ports to connect different devices of computer. All old types of PC etc. This is the example of this type of motherboard, RAM etc are solder, so such motherboard cannot be upgraded.

Different types of motherboard ports

There are many types of ports in a motherboard which are used according to her work. Each Ports has its own importance.

USB Port
USB’s Fullform Universal Serial Bus. This Port connects all USB cable devices. It can add External and Storage devices like – Pendrive etc.

Power Connector Port
This port connects the motherboard to Power (Electricity). It flows electricity so that electricity can be found to the motherboard.

Parallel Port
Scanner and Printer are added through this port, means connecting.

PS/Port 2
Mouse and Keyboard are added through this port. The size of this port is round.

VGA Port
Monitor is added via VGA Port.

Game Port
This port connects all types of game devices.

DVI Port
The Fullform, Digital Video Interface of this port is used to connect LCD and LED to computer.

Modem Port
This port is used to connect computer to Internet Cabel.

IDE Connector
It is used to connect Hard Disk to Monitor, that is, Connect.

Expansion Card Slots
Whenever a new component has to be connected to the monitor, then Expansion Card Slots are used. Motherboard has three PCI Slots.

By this speaker and microphone are connected to computer.

CPU Socket
This is also called Processor Socket because it connects the Processor to the motherboard. The speed of the computer depends very much on the Processor. The Processor is installed through the CPU Socket and the CPU is connected to the motherboard through the socket.The socket of the Motherboard button has a lot of pinus that works as a Connor. It also gives power supply to the Processor and transffers data to other components of the computer.

Memory Slots
These Slots are very important slots of Motherboard. Motherboard has more than one slots for Memory (RAM). This memory helps to run applications in computer. Applications run easily by this, I mean they run smoothly.

This Processor is also an important Componets of the Motherboard. Co-Processor. It helps the Main Processor to do mathematical calculations and graphics work.

It is applied in the motherboard which is like an Integrated Chip. It is in the memory ROM of the computer. It provides functionality to the Input Output in BIOS Computer.

CMOS Battery
This is a battery. Battery provides electricity to CMOS. It stores the time and setting of the system.
This is the lithium cell of three volt.

Sound Card Connectors
Speaker and Microphone are linked to computer through this port.

Actions of the motherboard

Inside a computer there are many motherboard works that can only be done by motherboard.
Now we will have the basic work of this
Motherboard connects all computer devices. Provides a space to connect.
It provides a port to connect one device to another devices so they can interact with each other.
Provides electricity to all devices.
Socket to add a speaker.
Stores all computer information.

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