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What is a VLC Player? And proper use VLC

In today’s post, we are going to talk about what is the VLC player? And how to download it in this post all the information related to the VLC player is going to be given here. Any questions related to it you will find their answers here, also know how to use it in computer. Done and if you’re still having a problem using VLC Player you’ll be able to use it after reading this post very easily.

We use VLC PLAYER to play any video and music in our computer. It can easily run the MEDIA PLAYER in the computer but there are many uses that do not have VLC Player INSTALL in the computer yet. And the reason they have a lot of trouble playing videos and music in their computer.

Computers already have software available which helps us run medium players but there is also some problem and not many features we need the most so you can get VLC player in most computers. Install available .This software is free because it is installed in a lot of computers .What do we have VLC player here? It’s about to be talked about and know where you can download it from and what benefits you can use it and talk about this feature in full detail.

What is a VLC Player?

VLC Media Player previously known as VideoLAN Client and commonly known as VLC Free and Free Source Portable Cross-Platform Media Player Software and Video Media Project Developed Media Server Streaming.No license required to use it. You can go to its website and download it and it is available for all operating systems. If you have a window computer it is very easy to use.

If there is another OPERATING SYSTEM, then it will be able to support it with great comfort. A mobile version of it is also available. If you want to use the VLC player inside a smart phone, you can use it very easily. This application also on all platforms.

How to download VLC player?

If you want to download VLC player then you have to download it from his website for this | he will be able to download it for free, if you want to download it for computer then its official website is the perfect way and If you want to download for ANDROID phone, you will find the application on Google Play Store. As soon as you open the website, you will get the option to download on the HOMEPAGE of the website.


So far we’ve talked about who has VLC player and how you can download it in computer and from Android phones. Now we talk about what its features are why it’s used by most people. The medium player is.


If you want to record your computer’s SCREEN then there is a VLC player who has brought a future for you to record your computer screen via VLC Player.You won’t see options like this in any other software if you have to record your computer screen you need to install separate software.


Screenshots you can take with the help of any software. There are many software already installed in the computer with which SCREENSHOT can be taken, but the VLC PLAYER has the option of screenshots that help you get the videos running. I can also take screenshots.VLC Player has a very good option that if you want to record a video you can also like if you are playing a video in a VLC player you can also record that video.


Full information about VLC Player must have been received.We’ve described this topic in this post in a very detail.

VLC Player and proper use

VLC Player and proper use

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