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What is Algorithm and how to write easily?

You will not know what is algorithm, and if you do not know it, then you will not know how to write algorithm. But today I will try to give you some more information along with the answer to both your questions, which will be related to Algorithm.Every day we get up at work as soon as we wake up in the morning. Follow each step from start to finish till every task. Every task is like a problem for you and the solution to the problem is found by working. To solve, we set a sequence.

Let’s understand with an example, “You have to make tea”, so to complete this task, he needs to follow some sequence. In the same way, if you are making bread, then to follow this work, you also follow some steps. Steps to make the following tea are given.

  • First put water in a vessel and heat it.
  • Add tea husband, sugar and milk in water.
  • Wait till the tea boils.
  • Turn off the gas and sieve the tea.
  • We can call this example above Algorithm. Because it is in a sequence. If you change any order, tea will not be made. Sayyid should not become something else. By now you must have had a little idea of ​​what Algorithm is. 

In order for the computer to perform certain tasks, computer programs are written.The steps that Computer Execute performs and finishes the task.

When you tell the computer some work, then you must have also wondered how the computer does these tasks. For this we use Computer Algorithm. So let’s know from bed what is algorithm .

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1. What is Algorithm
2. Uses/Importance Of Algorithm
3. Characteristics Of Algorithm
4. The complexity of Algorithm
5. How to Write Algorithm

What is Algorithm?

Algorithm (Al-go-rith-um) This is a Procedure (Step by Step Process) or it is a Formula. Which solves a problem. It is a procedure that has limited rules, which are also called Instruction.

The rules which are written one after the other and each of the steps represents some or some operation. Solutions to the problem come out through these rules.

In other words, Algorithm is a step by step process to solve any problem or problem . Now we understand in a slightly simpler language Algorithm has some steps, in which each step represents an operation.

One step starts and finally there is one step which ends and between these two steps there are many more steps which do different tasks.

Like, making rice is your problem. To finish this work, let’s write some steps. First the rice has to be washed, then, heat the water and to heat the water, add rice and wait for the rice to boil.

Prepare rice in 10-15 minutes. Now here every step performs some operation. For example, washing rice is washed by adding water to the cooked rice. Every such step has different operations. See here, we have divided the problem into small steps, this is what you had to understand.Algorithm is used a lot in programming .

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Uses/Importance Of Algorithm

Use of Algorithm is everywhere, as you can also answer the problems of your every day through this step by step process. Technically speaking, more is used in IT Industry, Business Model, Programming. So let’s know about its uses one by one.

In Computer Programming , Algorithm is written before writing the program. If you are a student of Computer Sc, IT, BCA and MCA, then you have to write a program. If you start writing this program without thinking, then you can get a lot of errors in the Syed program. You can reduce these errors if you first create the algorithm.

Algorithm is written before creating flowchart. Otherwise chances of making mistakes increases.
Computer Scientist and Software Engineer use it. Because its use reduces their time and dignity. For example, a software company has to develop an app for SBI. Now this is a problem for the Software Engineer, the solution will be by writing it step by step. If a problem or mistake is made then the solution is found there. Which is easy to develop application.

Like Search Engine , Facebook , google map Shortest Path, Rating, Searching Wagera all work through this algorithm.
It would be used to solve Mathematical Problem Solve, like take a small example. You have to find a number –ve or + ve ?. Your mind must have come to the answer immediately that you can tell by looking at the + and – signs. But you will understand this, but how will the computer understand. For this, you have to write the algorithm. If a number is greater than 0, it is + ve Number and if it is less than 0 then it is number –ve number.

It is also needed to write Pseudo Code or else Pseudocode has to be rewritten.
You can also solve the problems of personal life. Like I have to get up early tomorrow morning. First of all, how to write its steps 1. I want to sleep fast. 2. Alarm is to be kept away. 3. Now go to sleep. 4. If you wake up in the morning, then wake up and stop the alarm. 5. Go to the mouth. The 5. Work Finishing Steps are also an Algorithm. (This example is taken to explain)
AI, space research, robotics all these Field is much use.This was the question, why should Algorithm, this question was something like this, why do we work? It is very important to have a process to finish every work properly.

Characteristics Of Algorithm
Which makes it clear that the steps will be executed in which order we can get the Desired Output. Algorithm is analyzed through two factors. Such as Time and Space.Time tells how long it will take to write Algorithm and from Space it shows how much time we can write. Now let’s talk about its characteristics.

Unambiguous – Whatever algorithm you write, it is very important to be clear and sound. Each step or line must have some meaning.
Finiteness – Every Algorithm must be finished within a few limited steps. And every step should be Finite ie limited bar Repaet. Exection of steps should also be for limited time. Every step must have some meaning.
Input – Every algorithm must have more than six steps than O or O.
Output – Just as every Algorithm has an Input Step, so should the Algorithm’s Output Step. The output should also come to that for which we are written.
Effectiveness – Effectiveness is estimated from time and space. If the algorithm is written in short time and space. Or execute in short time and run in less space is called Effectiveness.
According to the data structure, all these should be important categories.

Search –item can be easily searched in the DATA structure.
Sort – Order a list or do Sorting.
Insert – Insert the algorithm into the data structure.
Update – The fame of updating the item through AlGORITHM.
Delete – Delete the item data structure from Algorithm by not causing any inconvenience.

The complexity of Algorithm
Complexity of Algorithm has been classified keeping two factors in mind. One Time Complexity and the other Space Complexity.Time

Complextiy : Thetime it takes for the program to run.

Space Complexity : The amount
of space a program needs to execute inside a computer is called Space Complexity.

How to write algorithm

It is very easy to write it, you do not need to learn much. You will know that there were an example in Suruwat where one can make ex-tha tea.In the same way you have to write Step by Step. Programming is more needed than algorithms. You can also write Direct or you can also write using some rules.Rules like Start, Input, Output, Read, Variable , Display, Stop . Take a look at the example given below, which you will find easy to understand.

Example: 1
Q1. Enter two numbers and remove the sum of both the numbers.

In each algorithm, type Start and End Stop / End as described below.
After this, see how many Variables are required or what to input. For example, to sum the two numbers below, 3 Variables are required. Num1 for the first number, Num2 for the second number and sum variable Num1 + num2 for storing. So you should think about these variables and start writing.
Now there will be some steps where we have to do Arithmetic Operation like +, -, ×, ÷ and some logical operation like Comparision Operation, True False, Output O (false) and 1 (True). You know Arithmetic (+, -, ×, ÷) and you have to know as an example of Logical. “Largest Number among 2 Number” so here you will compare both numbers. Using these symbols, “>, =,

what did you learn today

I always try to ensure that you get the correct and accurate and complete Inforamtion. I hope you have understood what the algorithm.Perhaps the next time you write, then remember these few things – how much Variable you want in the program and what to compute. Which cone has to be operated. Which will be easy to write. Those who do the kosis never lose.I hope this article is liked by you, how did you feel? If you want to ask any question now, then please write in the comment box below. If you want to give any suggestion or advice, then give it which is very useful for us.

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