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What is google podcast?how to use?and earn money!!

Today we are going to talk about what is Google PODCAST? We all use Google’s products and services but just a while ago Google has started another new service that everyone can use for free. Today we are in this post about Google Broadcast. About to talk it’s a new Google service already started.

PODCAST is a brand new thing in India. There are very few people here who are using the service. But if we talk about other countries, PODCAST is used a lot. Today it is not only Google which is the service. Offers a huge TECH COMPANY also running from its service.
PODCAST has just started in India. There are only few companies that are running their services in India but in the coming time many companies are going to start their services in the park because in India it is slowly from service. Getting a lot more popular and people who have just started using these services so you should be aware of it .

Money is a lot of companies that provide this service but we will tell you about Google’s service through this post only to know how GOOGLE PODCAST is different from all other companies PODCAST.

What is Google Podcast?

If we understand this in simple language, then uploading any content that is not available on the internet in audio form to the internet is called PODCAST. Here you have to keep in mind that PODCAST is very different. Might be different but they all work the same to provide service to any content in audio form.
Today everyone can start their own PODCAST. You don’t need to do much work. Many companies that are running this service give it to start PODCAST very easily on their own platform. You are very much. You can start your own service very comfortably with less money. Here you just need to pay a few months.
Today, on many big companies own platforms, we can easily start our PODCAST services such as GOOGLE, AMAZON AUDIBLE and many other platforms where you can easily have your own PODCAST. Will be able to start.

Benefits of PODCAST

If you’re thinking about starting your own PODCAST service, you should also think about its benefits before we’ve explained here in full detail about its benefits so if you can work within the service. Let’s do what benefits you can get so we’ve talked about them one by one below.


If you work in it the best benefit that’s going to happen is that you can also earn money through it you need money so you can work in me your PODCAST becomes famous so you can earn good money.


When you become famous, you will get to know what you are and through this you can create your own brand. Once you become a brand, you can earn money through it. Are and can be a lot more famous.
It’s hard to build a brand of yours but if you build it you can do a lot of work through it you’ll make it but with it you can do more .


What have we done PODCAST here? We have explained it in full detail and we have also explained how you can make money through it. If you have read our article in full, all your questions related to PODCAST will be answered and if you have read it Some of your questions haven’t been answered so you can also tell us in the comments below.


What is google podcast?

What is google podcast?

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