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What is Jio Meet? What is different from other meeting app

Today we are going to talk about a Jio service we all know that today which is providing internet at the lowest price which seemed to be very difficult some time ago today we don’t just use internet service Today Jio has started many different services which are very important to us. Today we are going to talk about one of those services in this post. In this post, today we will talk about Jio Meet Kya Hai I’m going to have a And also know how you can use it.

There are many video conferencing services available on the internet. Every big company is starting its own video conferencing service. Keeping this in mind, Jio has also started its own video conferencing service. Jio has done video conferencing service. Jio Started with the name Meet, you can use it for free .

Zoom Video Conferencing is the biggest service provider. The service of this company is being used very much or even in India, the same video conferencing service was being used by the government but some time ago, video conferencing of Zoom. It came to know about the service that it is not Secure because of this government of India banned zoom video conferencing for all government jobs.

In such a situation, a video conferencing service was needed that was completely secured, Jio launches his new video conferencing service.

What is Jio Meet?

Jio Meet is a Video Conferencing Service launched by Jio. This service is also free like other service of Jio. It can be used on any device and can do video conference with many people at the same time.

If you use any other company’s service then you will have to pay a month on yes but it’s absolutely free here you won’t see any ads, the best thing about this service is that it’s complete Secure is the way that makes your personal information leak a lot less likely.

It can add 100 people at once. With the help of this you will be able to do a video conference with 100 people together and if you want to join someone else’s video conference, it will be very easy. Can also connect very easily.

What are the benefits of Jio Meet?


Jio Meet is a network and device agnostic solution. By taking conferencing beyond the walls of the conference room, you can connect to any device at any time. With the help of this you can do video conferencing at any time. You can also take it in your office work.


Jio Meat is absolutely free. You can use it for free. You can download it in your laptop or mobile very easily. If you want to DOWNLOAD inside ANDROID phone, you can do it from Google Play Store and others. Also available this application on all PLATFORM.


No matter how good the software is, unless we know how to use it, that software is of no use. JIO MEET can be used very easily. The interface is made very well which does not take much time to understand.


All your meetings are encrypted and password protected. Full privacy and data security. Here Jio Meet takes security very seriously. So it has great security features here.


What are the FEATURES in this?


Click on Jio Meet invite link without downloading the app and connect with your browser (Chrome / Firefox) | If you are having any problem using this app you can go online or its official website to find out.


With this you can do video conferencing with your friends, you can also use it for office.


This feature is the best and important. You don’t need any device to use Jio Meet. You can use it within any country. Jio Meet supports all devices.


We have told you here about Video Conferencing App. In this post we have done Jio Meet? And it’s also talked in full detail about its features and you can download it in detail it will also find you in this post.

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