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What is Jio Pos Lite App? how to make money from it

Hello friends, today we will talk about a very great application of Jio and will know what is Jio Pos Lite App? And how to earn money sitting at home with Jio Pos Lite app?This is the question in the mind of many people after the launch of this application by Reliance Jio. The end is Jio Pos Lite App? And how can we earn money by recharging others from it.

Today we are going to give you complete information about Jio Pos Lite app. So read the post completely till the end.

What is Jio Pos Lite App?

Jio Pos Lite app is an Android application available on Playstore. With which we can earn money by recharging on any Jio number.People recharge their jio number either online or through any app. Or get recharge done from retailer. In which there is no benefit to the user.

In this, you can earn commission by recharging any jio number without joining any distributor.
How to earn money sitting at home with Jio Pos Lite App.When you load or add money to it before recharging. Then your commission also gets added.

In this you get a commission of 4.16%. Like you load 100 rupees in it. So Rs 104.16 will be added to your account. Later you can recharge this commission.But for the first time you have to add 1000 rupees in it. Later you can add 200, 500, 1000, 2000 also if you want.Now you must have understood that how to earn money from Jio Pos Lite app.

Jio pos lite commission

How to Register in Jio Pos Lite App?

Now how do we register in Jio Pos app? And after this we will know how we can recharge our jio number.

1. First of all download Jio Pos Lite App from Play Store in your phone .

2. Open the app, now it will ask for permission , click on Allow All to allow it.

3. Now you will see the option of Sign in and Sign Up. If you have installed the app for the first time. Then click on Sign Up .

4. Now you have to first enter your E-mail ID . After this enter your Jio number .In the next option, if you want to create the ID of Jio Pos Plus, then select the option of Activation Partner . AndIf you are registering for recharge only, then select Recharge Partner option and click on Generate OTP .

5. If I just want to recharge then I will do it on Recharge Partner . After this OTP will come on your number, enter it and click on Validate Otp .

6. First of all enter your name and e-mail id in Please Enter Your Detail .

7. Now click on Choose Your Work Location . After this you will be redirected directly to the map

8. Ok will ask for the permission of your location.And click on Done .

9. Now tick both the boxes below. If there is a Referral Code , then enter the code by ticking the first box. After that click on Continue.

10. Now your registration has been done successfully.

jio pos lite app

How to run Jio Pos App?

After registering, you will again reach the app’s Sign in and Sign Up page.

Now select the Sign in option. After that enter Jio number and click on generate otp . And enter the OTP and do the valid OTP.
First enter any four digit mpin in Enter mPIN .

Re-enter this PIN in Confirm mPIN . And click on Setup. Now you will be logged into JioPos Lite App.
Note- mPIN whenever you recharge jio number from this app then you will be asked.

How to add money in Jio Pos Lite App?

First of all open JioPos application. Click on the Load Money option shown on the home page . You can also remove it from the menu option at the top left.
After this enter the Ammount as much as you want to add. For the first time, you have to add at least 1000 rupees.After entering the amount, click on Proceed. After this you will see many payment options. UPI, Debit/ATM Card, Credit Card, Paytm, Phone Pay Etc.Whichever method you want to add. can do with it.

How to Recharge with Jio Pos Lite App?

Now we know after loading money. How to recharge with Jio Pos App. For this , click on the Recharge option shown on the home page .
The option of Enter Jio number will be available. Here any number you want to recharge. Enter the number and Submit click.

After this you will see all the plans of Jio. As seen in My Jio App . Whatever plan you want to recharge. Select it and click on BUY .

Now Mpin will ask, enter whatever mPIN you have set in it and click on Proceed. By doing this your recharge will be done successfully .

Note: – With this app you can recharge only on Jio number.

Jio pos lite commission.Jio pos lite online income

Jio Pos Lite App Features

Load Money: – With this option you can add money in this app.

Recharge: – To recharge on any Jio number, you have to go to this recharge option.

Change mPIN:- If you want to change your currently set mPIN. So you can change this option. For this, first enter the current mPIN, after that save the new mPIN and then confirm mPIN.

Forgot mPIN:- If you forget your mPIN. So with the help of this option, you can set a new mPIN by Forgot.

My Customers: – In this option you can see all the recharges you have done.

My Earning:- Whatever you have earned will be visible in this option.

Upgrade and earn more:- With the help of this option you can upgrade your account from Recharge Partner to Activation Partner.

Passbook: – In this option, the number of times you have loaded money and the number of times recharged, all the details will be visible.

What is the difference between JioPos Lite App and JioPos Plus App?
There is confusion in the minds of some people about Jio Pos Lite App and Jio Pos Plus App . Because both of them have the same name. so

After all, what is the difference between them? So I’ll point out some of the differences here. By which you will be able to differentiate between them very easily.

Friends, I have full hope that what is Jio Pos Lite App? You must have understood. And

What is the difference between its features and Jio pos lite and Jio Pos Plus App?, How to recharge with it. I have told you about this also. Now you can earn money sitting at home by recharging the Jio number of others.

I sincerely hope that you will not have to search again on Google what is Jio pos lite app .

If you have any problem while registering in it, then definitely tell us by commenting.

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