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What is Operating System? How many types are these.

Operating System is also called OS in Short. By the way, we all know very well about the computer and maybe we have heard that there is an operating system in the computer. How does this system work? What is the use of it? Today we will read all of these in detail and learn well about it.

The word Android has spoken is called Android System of Mobile. This is called the operating system. There are many operating systems in the computer, which we use Windows, Mak and Linux says.

The whole computer depends on the operating system. The type of computer operating system will be done in the same type of computer.
There are many types of Windows Operating System which we call by Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 are the latest Windows.

How many types of Operating System are these, how it works, very few people know. If you want to know completely about Operating System, stay with me.

What is Operating System

Operating system is a computer system software which is called OS in Sort. This user means interface works between us and computer means linking works between both of them and operates the whole computer.
Explains our instructions to computer which makes us easier to do our work. Operating system operates all the hardware and software of the computer.

Without system we can’t do any work in computer like we have to write in computer and save files. We can’t do all these things without operating system. Without computer operating system is equal to not having a computer operating system.This is a kind of heart of a computer. In this way you must have known how much importance the operating system is a computer.

Types of Operating System

Just as the computer is changing every year, the same way the operating system is also changing. These two are very messed up with each other and the operating system is used in every field as per their work and that’s why Changes continue to happen. It is used in many fields like – Research etc. according to its use.

Operating system has been classified into the following parts. Let’s know.

1 . Based on user basis
2 .Based on working mode
3 .On the basis of development
Operating system is divided into two parts – user based – operating system
Single User Operating System
In Single User Operating System, a user can work only once, that means one user is allowed to work only once. In this, more than one user can not work at once, nor can create more than one account. This is mostly used. Personal computer is done for.
Example – MS DOS, WINDOWS 3 X etc.

Multi User Operating System

In Multi User Operating System, more than one users can work together. This system allows access to more than one computers at once. Example – WINDOWS 10, Linux etc.
Operating system divided into two parts based on working mode-working mode
Command Line Interface
In such a system, typing is done by typing, that is, interect by Typing. Special command is given to do any work.

Graphical User Interface

Graphical User Interface. This system is full of graphics. Using this system, the design works well and enables anyone to work with the computer using any visules devices. First Graphical User Interface 1970 I was created. Media player, MP3 player etc.

On the basis of development – operating system on development is also divided into the following parts

Batch Processing System
Simple Batch Processing System
Time Sharing Operating System
Real Time Operating System
Multi Tasking Operating System
Embedded Operating System
Distributed Operating System Distributed Operating System
Network Operating System (Network Operating System)
Functions of Operating System

In a computer, there are many works of Operating System. Operating System is a System Software which works through the System. Means whatever work is done in it, we have to follow the system of that work. There are many works of Operating System. About to read now.

Process Management

Process Management is an important work of an operating system, which we should know about. This system can see the file processing in the computer. It also makes the processer free when the work of the system is completed. Can control any process of computer.

Memory Management

The operating system has only one task that it takes care of all memories like primary, secondary memory, location of memory etc.
He also manages that how much memory to use in the operating system, he also keeps the memory truck with him.

File management (File Management)

File Management is an important job. It can make and remove both files and directory. It can also transfer different files from one place to another. By this we can find any file back.

Device management (Device Management)

We know that we use many devices in computers like Bluetooth, Wifi, output and input devices. These are all computer devices. Operating system manages these. Operating system also tracks all these devices.


In this blog we mentioned, you will get complete information about operating systems that won’t need you to read other blogs.  We will definitely answer your question.

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