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What is the URL? How the URL works?

Today we all use Internet. We don’t know what we watch all day on the internet, whether it’s a movie or our work. We have completely fallen off the internet in today’s time without internet. It’s hard to live life at times because it’s a major part of our life but have you ever wondered how the internet works we are talking about URL whenever we can use any WEBSITE on the internet. Opening has its own URL so in today’s post we are going to give you complete information about someone what is the URL?

If you are using the internet a lot and still don’t have any information about the URL, you must read this post carefully. After reading this post, you have any questions related to the URL. It becomes very difficult to reach a right website if we do not have the right address of that website, just like our home has an address, same way on the internet.

Also the website has an address we call the URL .
With this help we open exactly the website we want to open out of millions of websites on the internet. If there is no URL we can have a lot more difficult to open any website.

What is the URL?

The full form of the URL is Uniform Resource Locator (URL). The URL can be of any website or website page which is available on the internet. Today, all the websites or pages that are created on the internet have a URL without the URL. This website can’t be uploaded to the internet of URL .

This is how you can understand that every website available on the internet has its own address. URL is the address we can open the right website on the internet.But there’s one thing to note here that we can only use the URL in the same way we use the internet as any internet browser will work just what’s in it.

This is what the URL would look like  WWW-EXAMPLE. COM.
We’ve seen an example here to tell you about what the URLs actually look like and if you want to check the URL of any website you can find out whenever you open a website in INTERNET BROWSER. At the top you will find the URL of the website you have opened

How does the URL work?

Every website available on the internet has its own IP ADDRESS. Whenever we enter the URL of any website in our internet browser, first of all our INTERNET BROWSER DNS (DOMAIN NAME Turns into SYSTEM).
The URL contains several parts – including a protocol and domain name – which explains a web browser how and where to retrieve a resource. The end user by typing directly into a browser’s address bar or a webpage, Use URL by typing the hyperlinks found in the bookmark list in the email or from another app.


Friends, we have given you URL in this post? After reading this post how the URL works, all the questions related to the URL will be answered, you can also subscribe to our email to read a post full of similar information.

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