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what is whatsapp app?WhatsApp All Features

In this article discuss,what is whatsapp app?WhatsApp All Features.WhatsApp is a popular social media nowadays. Recently a change is coming in its feature.Users will be able to select a resolution before sharing a video via WhatsApp, a messaging platform owned by Facebook. The video will be uploaded at the resolution given by the sender. The new ‘Video Quality’ feature was first discovered by Wabatinfo. The site says it has not yet come to active users. Work is currently underway on this.

When the feature is gone, users will be able to save bandwidth as well as send videos avoiding excessive compression.There will also be a mode called ‘Data Saver’ to save data. In that mode, if the file is compressed, the data cost will be less. WhatsApp has options to save data when making calls in advance. As a result, bringing the same option to the video is nothing new. The company has also informed about the new ‘View Once’ option. Originally the option was coming for Android beta testers. Photos and videos will disappear once viewed.Mark Zuckerberg, the company’s top executive, has confirmed that the feature will be available to the general public soon.

The WhatsApp In 2009, Jane Kum (Jan Koum) and Brian Acton went to the two persons named (Brian Acton). These two Yahoo! Was an ex-employee of K.C. and had spent almost 20 years working. Facebook acquired WhatsApp in 2014. But still WhatsApp is doing its work independently.

WhatsApp is available free of charge for almost all devices. And you can download it for free for Android, iOS, Windows etc devices. Apart from the smartphone, you can also use it on your computer / laptop.

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Why Use WhatsApp – WhatsApp All Features

WhatsApp has changed the way it is used to exchange messages. And at the same time, some such features have been added to it, due to which we can also call WhatsApp a revolutionary software. We are telling about some such features below.

A free app : WhatsApp is a free app. For which we do not have to pay a single penny. You can download it for free from any App Store or from the official website of WhatsApp. Even for using the services of WhatsApp, no charge is taken from the users.

Text Messaging : You can send and receive unlimited text messages from your WhatsApp to other WhatsApp users just like SMS. For which you will not have to pay any fee. Provided that your device must be connected to the Internet. You can know the health of your friends, family members, colleagues, relatives or anyone else by chatting on WhatsApp.

Group Chatting : Through WhatsApp, you can chat with many people at once. This feature is called Group Chatting. You can chat with your family members group, friends group, peer group individually together.

WhatsApp Calling : You can also make free calls through WhatsApp. For calling, WhatsApp should be installed in the phone of both the persons. Through WhatsApp, you can enjoy the facility of Voice Call and Video Call.

Send Media : In addition to simple text messages on WhatsApp, you can also share multimedia and express your feelings well. You can send and receive media like Photos, Graphics, Audio, Videos etc. to your friends.

Share Documents : On WhatsApp, you can also share documents in formats like PDFs, Text Files, Documents, Spreadsheets, Presentations etc.

Support Multi Device : Apart from mobile phones, tablets, WhatsApp can also be used on computers / laptops. It can be used on the computer through the website or through its desktop software.

No Roaming Charges : Through WhatsApp, you can also make interstate, international messages, calls. For this you will not have to pay any Roaming Charges.

No Username Password : You do not need Username and Password to run WhatsApp. Your mobile number is everything. And you are always logged in.

Secure : Uses End-to-End Encryption for security on WhatsApp. Meaning that only those two people can understand what is happening between two persons. No third person can understand. Not even WhatsApp itself.

Easy to Use : Using WhatsApp is very easy. Any person can easily learn to use WhatsApp after a while of use. Because its interface has been made very simple.

what have you learned?

In this tutorial, we have given you complete information about WhatsApp, you know why WhatsApp is the world’s popular app? And information has also been given about some special features of WhatsApp. We hope that this tutorial will prove useful for you.

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