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What to do if your mobile phone gets wet in water

In the present age, no one spends a moment without a mobile phone. It is well known that the main enemy of mobile phones is water. So we have to keep our mobile phone away from water all the time. But even then, if it goes later, do it.In this blog we know What to do if your mobile phone gets wet in water.

It is as follows:

What to do if your mobile phone gets wet in water

1. Remove the mobile phone from the water as soon as possible. Lightly wipe the various parts of the Mobile with a tissue. Use tissue paper or cotton cloth to wipe off the water. Do not shake excessively. Then water can enter different parts of the interior.
2. Remove the battery of the mobile phone.  Many small parts of the phone can be saved from damage if you disconnect its power source (battery).
3. Remove the SIM card. It may contain much needed information. Open the card, dry it and set it aside.
4. Also keep a mobile phone case and other extra items separate.

5. Dry the mobile phone well. Open the battery and dry the interior as much as possible. Do not apply excessive temperature for drying.
. You can especially heat some parts of the inside of the phone. 
. Use a vacuum cleaner if possible. It will also help to pull out the smallest water droplets from different parts of your phone.
. Use rice to dry the phone. Dried rice works very well. Doing so will not leave a single particle of water on the phone.
9. If possible, remove all parts of the mobile phone and keep it in a dry place.

10. Check the phone now. Turn on the phone with a well-cleaned battery and SIM card.
11. If the phone does not turn on even after drying, you can open it completely (if you have the initial idea), its casing and all other parts.
12. Carefully remove and wipe with tissue paper. 

13. Do not leave the phone wet. Start drying as soon as possible. Do not try to turn on the phone before it dries in any way. The whole phone will be distroy due to short circuit.
14. Keep the battery away from excess heat. It can catch fire very easily.

I think you know about What to do if your mobile phone gets wet in water.

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