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WhatsApp contract canceled?whats app security update

WhatsApp announced that with the latest update, the data shared with Facebook has not changed. The company said that personal communications are secure, and the latest update is about WhatsApp Business, which businesses use. There was no statement from the company that the last update was rolled back.we disscuss about whats app security update.

Discussions continue regarding the new update of WhatsApp , which is used by nearly 2 billion people worldwide . 

Finally, new details on the subject were shared in an e-mail statement from the company. 

WhatsApp spokesperson stated that with the new update, personal communication data will not be affected. 

The statement in Forbes and The Verge included the following statements; 

“As we noted in the October announcement, we want to facilitate WhatsApp purchases and support from businesses. While many people use WhatsApp to communicate with their families and friends, the number of users reaching businesses is also increasing. Things may have a pickup service options.

this update does not change the practical WhatsApp in with Facebook to share data and your friends no matter where they are in the world with family and does not affect your private communications. WhatsApp deeply committed to protecting people’s privacy. directly with users via WhatsApp to be able to see our new security policy for the next month we are in contact “


There are allegations on social media that WhatApp has withdrawn the security update due to the reactions. There was no statement in this direction from the company. Recent statements from WhatsApp sources indicate that the company is determined to implement its decision. 


A statement regarding the discussions that came with the update was made by Will Cathcart, the manager appointed by Facebook to WhatsApp. 

Making a statement on his Twitter account, Cathcart stated that the update in question is related to business communication and that Whatsapp will not change data sharing applications with Facebook. The manager also argued that this update will not affect users’ communication with their families and friends.

Reminding that Whatsapp and Facebook cannot see private messages with end-to-end encryption method, Cathcart stated that they are committed to end-to-end encryption technology and that they will advocate the development of this technology all over the world.

Pointing out that the update in question should be handled in terms of the communication of companies, he stated that the management companies demand tools to effectively respond to the messages they receive, and that it is difficult for the users to buy the things they request from the companies through Whatsapp.

In a separate statement, Cathcart explained the reasons for the update: While most people use WhatsApp to chat with friends and family, more and more people are reaching businesses via WhatsApp. We are updating our privacy policy to further increase transparency and help businesses communicate with their customers on WhatsApp. In this way, businesses will have the option of receiving secure hosting services through our parent company Facebook. However, people who do not prefer to message or communicate with businesses on WhatsApp will not be affected by this change.


The deadline to approve the new update is February 8, 2021. WhatsApp requires approval of this update, except for European Union countries. Users who do not approve of WhatsApp’s new data policy until February 8 will not be able to use the application from this date. 

whats app security update.whats app security update.

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