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WhatsApp was forced to withdraw from the new policy

In this article we disscuss whatsapp withdraw new policy.WhatsApp has been forced to back away from protecting customers’ privacy and implementing new privacy policies by changing data sharing policies. Losing a large number of customers worldwide has forced them to suspend the implementation of their customers’ data sharing policies and newly introduced privacy policies.

Authorities at the app, owned by social giant Facebook, announced on Friday (January 15th) that they were suspending their new policy.

“We are being forced to suspend our new data sharing policy and privacy policy because of security concerns around the world,” they said in the announcement.

According to them, due to security concerns, a large number of WhatsApp customers around the world are leaning towards alternative apps such as their rival Telegram, Signal and Turkish Beep.

In addition, as the number of subscribers around the world dwindled, the app was forced to cancel the February 8 deadline to implement a new data sharing policy with other companies, including Facebook.

The countries of the Indian subcontinent are the largest market for WhatsApp. India alone has 400 million subscribers!

The Daily Mint, an economics daily, quoted Censor Tower, a research firm, as saying that after verifying the data, WhatsApp announced a change in its policy, losing customers from around the world and a huge 4 million subscribers from India, its largest market. Lost.

WhatsApp authorities have been placing full-page advertisements in Indian newspapers since last Wednesday to prevent a consumer collapse in WhatsApp, the world’s largest market. Across the page, the ad reads ‘Respect for your privacy is included in our DNA’.

On the other hand, Telegram, which provides customer service in an encrypted manner like the previous WhatsApp, said that their number of subscribers has increased more than before as their rival WhatsApp has announced changes to its encrypted services, data sharing and privacy policy.

WhatsApp contract canceled?whats app security update

Pavel Durav, one of the founders of the Telegram app, lashed out at WhatsApp, saying that people no longer want to pay for their personal and confidential information as they used to!

Moreover, the Turkish cell, the Turkish telecommunications company, said that since Turkish President Erdogan started using the Turkish Bip app, they have been struggling to handle customers. According to the BIP authorities, the number of their subscribers is increasing by at least 20 lakh every day.

The Turkish telecommunications company also said that its employees are working day and night to ensure better customer service for the customers of the Turkish Beep app.

Last Monday (January 11), President Erdogan’s official media cell announced that WhatsApp authorities had stopped using the new privacy policy after explaining the reasons for it. As a reason, they blame WhatsApp’s discriminatory privacy policy in European and non-European or underdeveloped countries.

Moreover, when the Turkish president officially boycotted WhatsApp last Wednesday and started running the Turkish Beep app, the already ongoing collapse in the number of WhatsApp subscribers around the world multiplied.

Due to the end-to-end encrypted system, the number of WhatsApp subscribers around the world is declining at a rapid pace, while the number of people joining the Turkish Beep app is increasing rapidly.whatsapp withdraw new policy

Source: Arab News



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