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Windows 11 new features Windows 11 official coming

In this article discuss Windows 11 new features..Windows 11 is now official. Microsoft’s new Windows operating system debuted in July 2015, almost six years after the release of Windows 10. Known as the “next generation” of Windows, this update brings a huge new design to its predecessor, featuring all-new boot screens and startup sounds in the centrally-placed Start menu and upgraded widgets. Windows 11 removes the annoying “High Courtana” elements, including the welcome screen and live tiles. Washington-based company Redmond is working to address the preferences of MacOS and Chrome OS with its latest operating system.

windows 11 new feature

Windows 11 features

A significant change, which we have already seen in the recently leaked ISO , is that Windows 11 brings a new interface to Windows 10 currently running users. It starts with a fresh setup screen and provides a new look and feel across all the original Windows components. Menus and windows have rounded corners that look similar to the recent iPadS release . You will see the Start menu in the center that aims to provide a modern experience.

Windows 11 Homescreen Image Microsoft Windows 11

Windows 11 brings a brand new interface and centralized start menu
This is the first time since the release of Windows NT 4.0.0 in 1996, probably when we don’t see the Start menu on the left – now centrally located. The transition to the Start menu brings all the default icons to the center, such as Edge and File Explorer. This new location makes Windows 11 more familiar to those who use the Mac operating system or Chrome OS . You can, however, change the location and go to its settings and bring up the Start button on the left.

The updated Start menu doesn’t include any live tiles that were part of the menu in Windows 10, but you’ll find some suggested apps below to personalize the experience. Users also have a dedicated search button next to the Start menu to search for applications and preloaded functions on the latest Windows platform.

Windows 11 comes with new startup sound, with new new sounds and warnings. There are also subtle changes in gestures. Additionally, you will get new themes, some new wallpapers and an enhanced dark mode. Windows 11 also has an updated widgets experience. Widgets can be brought to the front by swiping from the left side of the screen or set to full screen. The option to rearrange or resize widgets to your liking is provided. You can add or delete your widgets to help you get the latest news or weather updates.

For an enhanced multitasking experience, the Max button now lets you split active screens into multiple regions of the desktop. Microsoft calls this new experience Snap Layouts. These layouts allow you to simultaneously open multiple different screens on your computer with just your mouse over the maximum size button. Once accessed, Windows 11 also remembers your chosen snap layout for multiple windows and has them ready for future access directly from the taskbar, including the applications you were working on. Groups that create snap layouts that can be used for future access are called snap groups.

Windows 11 Snap Layout Figure Windows 11

  • Windows 11 Provides Snap Layouts for Advanced Multitasking Experience.
  • Furthermore, Microsoft is improving support for multiple monitors and making it easier for users to work on virtual desktops. The latter has a lot in common with how you can add multiple desktops to Apple’s MacOS. But you can even use custom wallpapers for each of your virtual desktops in Windows 11 for easy access.
  • Windows 11 also comes with an advanced touch keyboard which includes GIF integration from Tenor . There is also a pre-loaded virtual keyboard that can be placed anywhere on the screen. Users can additionally use voice diction support throughout the system. There are options like voice typing and voice commands to make your typing easier. There are several interface-level tweets to enable a more enhanced touch experience.
  • Microsoft was challenged to convince manufacturers and consumers to use Windows 10 on tablets for a full touchscreen experience. Part of Windows 11 is overcoming these challenges with new touch targets and a lot of underlying improvements. The new operating system also includes gesture support, which has become quite common on mobile devices . Happiness feedback has been additionally added when using the stylus pen.
  • New multitasking and touch improvements are Microsoft’s primary means of providing Windows 10X . However, since the dual-screen device-centric operating system was not officially launched to the public, the company is now trying to keep Windows 11 – and more.
  • Windows 11 also improves the experience for multiple monitor users. This is something that has become a new norm for many users these days – thanks to working / studying from home culture on a large scale. The team has also integrated Microsoft’s collaboration platform into Windows 11 and added a universal mute and mute functionality to help people easily make virtual calls. Similarly, users have a desktop sharing feature to share their windows with people connected to virtual meetings. You may miss Skype though.

Windows 11 Microsoft Team Integration Image Windows 11

Windows 11 includes a Microsoft team integration for easy communication with contacts and groups
Microsoft has increased performance for Chromium-based browsers. Further, there are specific enhancements for Microsoft Edge to access multiple tabs and with improved support for machines with limited resources. The Edge browser in Windows 11 comes with vertical tab support.

In addition to productivity-centric improvements, Windows 11 has a number of significant changes for PC gamers. This includes support for Auto HDR and DirectX12 Ultimate. Windows 11 also includes an exclusive integration to enable cloud gaming. Plus , there’s access to Xbox Game Pass gamers playing a list of popular games on their machines.

Microsoft also has advanced Windows 11 with its preloaded App Store – Microsoft Store – new search capabilities and an improved design to better reach app developers. The company has introduced a new economic system called Zero-Revenue Share, which will allow developers to deliver their applications through the Microsoft Store without any commission. This special change will take effect on July 26 and will allow developers to use their own third-party trading platform in their apps and keep 100 percent of their earnings. It’s weird when compared to the app stores offered by Apple and Google .

Microsoft Store Image Microsoft Store

Updated to Windows 11 with a list of new changes to the Microsoft Store
In addition to better reach for developers and the introduction of new economies, the Microsoft Store has a rebuilt entertainment tab to serve you with the latest media content across all major streaming services – from movies and TV shows. You can wirelessly cast content on your Windows 11 device to your smart TV.

The Microsoft Store has also integrated the Amazon Appstore to get Windows 11 users to download Android applications directly to their computers. Further, Windows developers have been given the ability to make their apps available through the Microsoft Store, regardless of Win32, .NET, UWP, Jamarin, Electron, Reactive Native, Java or Progressive web apps. Microsoft has announced that Adobe Creative Cloud, Disney +, TickTock, Zoom and some of its native applications such as Microsoft Teams, Visual Studio, and even Notepad and Paint will come to Microsoft’s Windows Store.

Windows 11 also includes behind-the-scenes updates to provide a faster experience overall. Microsoft claims that the new operating system will receive 40 percent smaller Windows updates and will run in the background to give end users a seamless experience. The new device has been requested to provide better battery life in mobile devices.

Windows 11 availability, free upgrade

Windows 11 will initially be available to Windows Insider members for testing purposes next week. It will be available as a free upgrade to Windows 10 users later this year and comes pre-installed on the new PC. Microsoft has also unveiled the PC Health Check app for people to check if their Windows 10 PC is upgradeable. The idea was that the company would also bring the new operating system Windows 7 and Windows 8 machines . However, Microsoft Gadgets 360 has confirmed that the minimum specification is met with Windows 7 PC users can be upgraded to Windows 11 after purchasing a Windows 10 license.

In 2022, customers will have the option to purchase Windows 11 retail and install it on compatible Windows 7 devices. Microsoft hasn’t made any changes to its Windows SQ offerings – meaning users will be able to choose between Windows 11 Home or Windows 11 Pro versions. This is similar to how Windows 10 was commercially available to customers.

Windows 11 minimum hardware requirements

Microsoft says it has worked with all major partners, including Silicon, AMD , Intel , and Qualcomm . However, Windows 11 will not be as light as Windows 10, which requires minimal hardware requirements, as it will require at least a 644-bit x86 or ARM processor with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. Windows 10, by contrast, requires at least 1GB of RAM and 16GB of storage.

Microsoft’s next generation Windows is likely to launch this week. Microsoft is hosting an event on Thursday, June 24. It is expected that Microsoft will launch the next version of Windows, i.e. Windows 11. Satya Nadella, the CEO of the company, has indicated that. However, there is a lot of confusion about what the final name of the next generation Windows will be and when it will be launched.

It is worth mentioning that live streaming of Microsoft’s virtual event will start on June 24 at 8:30 pm Indian time. This live stream can be seen on Microsoft’s official YouTube channel. Initially, there will be beta testing of the new operating system, Microsoft’s next generation Windows 11. Then it will launch for users to use. Therefore, if all goes well, users can get Windows 11 by the end of this year. Not everyone will be able to use it during beta testing before that.

Is Windows 11 a rebranded version of Windows 10X?

No exact information is yet known in this regard. But last month, Microsoft announced that it was no longer pursuing the development of Windows 10X. Windows 10 X was announced in 2019. This brand new operating system was created for simultaneous dual screen viewing on PC i.e. desktop, which has been discontinued in the middle. So it is not known whether Windows 11 is going to be launched as a rebranded version.

On the other hand, Microsoft authorities will stop using Windows 10 by 2025. So Windows 11 is likely to launch as an upgraded version of Windows 10. Although Windows 10 will not have much of an impact, it is not yet clear whether the new Windows will be a ‘free update’. However, it is expected that the new Windows feature will be more advanced than the old operating system.
The generation of Windows 10 is over, Microsoft is bringing a new generation of Windows operating software. Today, June 24, its mega virtual launch event was held in the Sun Valley. Earlier, on June 9, the teaser video was released on social media by Microsoft. As can be seen in the video clip, sunlight is coming through the window inside the house. In the caption, Microsoft also announced the message to join the event.

What does Microsoft Windows 11 look like?

The virtual launch event has already started. It has been reported that Windows 11 Generation will be launched for the customers towards the end of this year. It will also be available experimentally for Windows Insiders from next week. Windows 10 users will be able to upgrade the new operating system for free.

Satya Nadela, CEO of Microsoft, spoke on the stage. “I am delighted with what we have shown you today. Windows has served as a democratic force in the pages of history around the world,” he said.

Android apps with Microsoft Store will be available on Windows 11. Looks like TickTock will come to Windows 11 Integrated apps will bring these apps to Windows.

  • Windows 11’s Windows logo has a new design. A square blue logo has been used instead of the previous one. In addition, rounded corners can be seen around the logo instead of sharp corners.
  • Other app icons with the Start menu appear in the middle of the task bar. There is a search menu next to the start menu. Large search menu will not be seen as before.
  • Windows 11 will work better in touch mode.
  • Team integration is coming directly, especially in Windows 11. Users can make any call, video call. It will not be a problem if the user above uses another device i.e. Mac device.
  • No major changes will be seen in File Explorer without changes to the icon.
  • In addition, new wallpapers have been added to Windows 11. The startup screen looks a lot like Windows 10X. Added new startup sound.
  • Entertainment department has also been arranged.
  • The widget is back in Windows 11. From now on, new widgets can be added in the widget taskbar. Developers can also create their ownwidgets with their own software.
  • There is a new keyboard. More GIFs and emojis will be seen on this keyboard.
  • Added new snap control. This feature can be used with the Maximize key in any app.
  • The user interface of the Windows Store has also changed. Use of text using larger images is reduced.
  • At the same time, the experience of using Xbox in the next operating system will be better.

Windows 11 new features.Windows 11 new features.Windows 11 new features.Windows 11 new features.Windows 11 new features.Windows 11 new features.

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