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Yoga keeps the healthy heart and healthy body

An important part of the body is the heart, which works tirelessly. This device made of muscles actually helps in the circulation of blood throughout the body. The heart is again the center of energy. Because, from here we get the power of love, the ability to reduce the pain of loss or sorrow.We will keep this heart healthy through regular exercise. One of yoga. Yoga is actually a combination of some asanas. This seat comes with breathing control and we can easily keep our heart healthy through meditation.In this artical we disscuss Yoga keeps the healthy heart and healthy body.

Yoga keeps the healthy heart and body


Exercise makes the heart healthy and strong. As a result, blood circulation in the body can be kept normal. In addition, regardless of your age, the heart does not have to suffer much to maintain the blood supply to the various muscles in the body. There are three types of exercises in yoga. Cardiovascular or aerobic exercise improves the circulatory system, lowers blood pressure and keeps the heart rate normal. Strength training keeps muscles healthy by reducing body fat. Stretching makes the body structure flexible. The muscles do not become stiff and rigid. As a result, people are physically and mentally strong.

Stay stress free

The biggest benefit of yoga is that it keeps the heart stress free. As a result, the body and mind remain fresh. Because stress affects the body in many ways. Mental fatigue, in particular, affects the secretion of cortisol and adrenerine hormones, which constricts our arteries and raises blood pressure. Cortisol inhibits body weight loss, raises cholesterol, blood sugar levels; Increases blood pressure. This will cause heart failure or stroke.In the busy life of the capital Dhaka we need to keep ourselves stress free.

Good sleep

Sleep is a prerequisite for human well-being. 6 to 8 hours of sleep is required every day. Because, sleep reduces all kinds of stress and gives freshness to people. Eliminates and rejuvenates all the fatigue of the day; So that the next day can work in full swing. But if you do not sleep for a certain period of time, the body remains exhausted. Even taking sleeping pills does not match the freshness of normal sleep. The heart is in reverse pressure. Yoga plays a good role in solving this problem.Eliminates sleep disturbances by activating seat muscles. Pranayama increases the level of oxygen intake and meditation relaxes the mind by relieving fatigue and stress.

Depression, anger, guilt, anxiety damage our heart. These increase stress, which is detrimental to the heart, causing nervous breakdowns, heart attacks. Meditation, breathing exercises and some postures relieve mental blockage. Controls various types of negative emotional emotions. As a result, people become forgiving and sympathetic to others.


Various scientific studies have found the benefits of yoga. Not medicine, but many types of physical problems can be solved through yoga. Its benefits can be felt in just three weeks of regular practice.

I think you know properly about Yoga keeps the healthy heart and healthy body.

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